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Data Catalog

Each Cedar Creek research project is assigned an “experiment number”, such as “e001”. The data from each research project is indexed under that project’s experiment number. Cedar Creek research is grouped into two categories. Core LTER Data is data generated though research funded by LTER and is provided in accordance with the LTER Network Data Access Policy. Other Cedar Creek data is generated through many different funding sources, We strive to provide access to data from research not funded through LTER using the same LTER policy guidelines, but due to the historical nature of much of this data, we cannot guarantee that all such data has been captured. All data may be searched for by experiment number, core area of research, keyword, and/or investigator. Use of data must be in accordance with the conditions agreed to in the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve Data Access Policy.

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Signature Datasets

Dataset IDTitleRange of Years (# years with data)
e001: Long-Term Nitrogen Deposition: Population, Community, and Ecosystem Consequences
Investigators: Tilman, David
avne001Average soil nitrogen1985-1985 (1 year)
abue001Field C Microplot Arthropod Sweepnet Sampling1995-1996 (2 years)
lpe001Percent light penetration1982-2004 (11 years)
nbe001Plant aboveground biomass carbon and nitrogen2009-2009 (1 year)
ple001Plant aboveground biomass data1982-2019 (35 years)
rcne001Root Carbon and Nitrogen2009-2009 (1 year)
rbe001Root biomass data1987-2013 (16 years)
mse001Small mammal abundance1982-1985 (4 years)
cae001Soil Calcium1982-1982 (1 year)
nhe001Soil ammonium1986-1988 (3 years)
care001Soil carbon1982-2011 (5 years)
mge001Soil magnesium1982-1982 (1 year)
nohe001Soil nitrate and ammonium1985-2013 (14 years)
ne001Soil nitrogen1982-2011 (7 years)
phe001Soil pH1982-2010 (10 years)
pe001Soil phosphorous1982-1982 (1 year)
ke001Soil potassium1982-1982 (1 year)
e002: Long-Term Nitrogen Deposition During Grassland Succession
Investigators: Tilman, David
ahve0022018 broad soil chemistry2018-2018 (1 year)
nle002Litter carbon and nitrogen2009-2009 (1 year)
lpe002Percent light penetration1982-1990 (9 years)
ple002Plant aboveground biomass data1982-2019 (29 years)
rcne002Root Carbon and Nitrogen2009-2009 (1 year)
rbe002Root biomass data1988-2013 (6 years)
mse002Small mammal abundance1982-1985 (4 years)
cae002Soil Calcium1982-1982 (1 year)
care002Soil carbon1982-2011 (5 years)
mge002Soil magnesium1982-1982 (1 year)
nohe002Soil nitrate and ammonium1985-2013 (7 years)
ne002Soil nitrogen1982-2011 (6 years)
phe002Soil pH1982-1990 (5 years)
pe002Soil phosphorous1982-1982 (1 year)
ke002Soil potassium1982-1982 (1 year)
e014: Successional Dynamics on a Resampled Chronosequence
Investigators: Knops, Johannes; Tilman, David
aiie014Aboveground biomass on and around gopher mounds 20172017-2017 (1 year)
ghe014Core Old Field Grasshopper Sampling1989-2006 (18 years)
aihe014In situ soil N mineralization in gopher mounds and soil under gopher mounds2016-2016 (1 year)
hte014Maximum plant height along transects1984-1984 (1 year)
mre014Nitrogen mineralization rate1986-1986 (1 year)
lpe014Percent light penetration1984-1989 (2 years)
pce014Plant species percent cover data1983-2016 (8 years)
she014Shrub data2006-2006 (1 year)
mse014Small mammal abundance1983-1985 (3 years)
care014Soil carbon1983-2007 (5 years)
ne014Soil nitrogen1983-2007 (5 years)
ome014Soil organic matter1983-1983 (1 year)
phe014Soil pH1983-1983 (1 year)
abwe014Supplemental Old Field Grasshopper Sampling1989-2006 (17 years)
e054: Old-Field Chronosequence: Plant Productivity
Investigators: Tilman, David; Knops, Johannes
aise054Aboveground biomass carbon and nitrogen2014-2014 (1 year)
ple054Plant aboveground biomass data1988-2020 (33 years)
aiue054Root biomass carbon and nitrogen2001-2014 (2 years)
aite054Soil carbon and nitrogen2001-2014 (2 years)
nohe054Soil nitrate and ammonium1991-1991 (1 year)
e080: Meterologic Measurements at Cedar Creek Natural History Area
Investigators: Seeley, Mark
dclime080Daily climate summary1962-2022 (61 years)
clime080Hourly climate data1987-2021 (35 years)
ftsne080Monthly precipitation from Fort Snelling near MPLS airport1836-1993 (158 years)
e097: Nitrogen Addition and Dynamics of Recovery from Cessation of N Addition
Investigators: Tilman, David
lpe097Percent light penetration1982-1990 (9 years)
ple097Plant aboveground biomass data1982-2011 (23 years)
rbe097Root biomass data1988-1992 (4 years)
mse097Small mammal abundance1982-1985 (4 years)
cae097Soil Calcium1982-1982 (1 year)
care097Soil carbon1982-2011 (3 years)
mge097Soil magnesium1982-1982 (1 year)
nohe097Soil nitrate and ammonium1985-2002 (6 years)
ne097Soil nitrogen1982-2011 (4 years)
phe097Soil pH1982-1990 (5 years)
pe097Soil phosphorous1982-1982 (1 year)
ke097Soil potassium1982-1982 (1 year)
e098: Fire X Nitrogen: Interactive Effects in a Prairie-Like Grassland
Investigators: Tilman, David
nle098Litter carbon and nitrogen2009-2009 (1 year)
lpe098Percent light penetration1982-1990 (9 years)
ple098Plant aboveground biomass data1982-2011 (22 years)
rbe098Root biomass data1988-2009 (5 years)
nre098Root carbon/nitrogen data2009-2009 (1 year)
mse098Small mammal abundance1982-1985 (4 years)
cae098Soil Calcium1982-1982 (1 year)
care098Soil carbon1982-2009 (3 years)
mge098Soil magnesium1982-1982 (1 year)
nohe098Soil nitrate and ammonium1989-1994 (4 years)
ne098Soil nitrogen1982-2009 (4 years)
phe098Soil pH1982-1990 (5 years)
e120: Biodiversity II: Effects of Plant Biodiversity on Population and Ecosystem Processes
Investigators: Tilman, David; Reich, Peter; Knops, Johannes; Wedin, David
acqe120Developing seedheads treated with fungicide and insecticide2005-2005 (1 year)
aghe120Fire Behavior1997-2014 (9 years)
agge120Fire Fuel Load2015-2015 (1 year)
agfe120Fire Severity2011-2014 (2 years)
agie120Fire Temperatures2000-2014 (4 years)
invre120Invasion strip root biomass2002-2002 (1 year)
invne120Invasion strip soil nitrogen2002-2002 (1 year)
acve120Local plant diversity and soybean biological control 2011 Aphid and Enemy Surveys2011-2011 (1 year)
acxe120Local plant diversity and soybean biological control 2011 Harvest Measures2011-2011 (1 year)
acwe120Local plant diversity and soybean biological control 2012 Aphid Surveys2012-2012 (1 year)
adce120Local plant diversity and soybean biological control 2012 Enemy Surveys2012-2012 (1 year)
aage120Main Plots All Arthropod Insect Sweepnet Sampling 1996-20061996-2006 (10 years)
lpe120Percent light penetration1996-2000 (5 years)
nbe120Plant aboveground biomass carbon and nitrogen1996-2006 (7 years)
ple120Plant aboveground biomass data1996-2020 (25 years)
pce120Plant species percent cover data1996-2007 (6 years)
aafe120Plant traits2008-2008 (1 year)
agje120Plot coordinates for the E120 Big Biodiversity Field1994-1994 (1 year)
rbe120Root biomass data1997-2015 (10 years)
nre120Root carbon/nitrogen data1997-2006 (6 years)
care120Soil carbon1994-2017 (8 years)
nohe120Soil nitrate and ammonium1996-2007 (7 years)
ne120Soil nitrogen1994-2017 (8 years)
aime120Soil phosphorus1994-2017 (2 years)
e133: Effect of Burning Patterns on Vegetation in the Fish Lake Burn Compartments
Investigators: Reich, Peter; Wedin, David; Hobbie, Sarah; Davis, Mark
afme133Aboveground plant tissue carbon and nitrogen1999-2001 (3 years)
afne133Annual oak leaf canopy litter percent carbon and nitrogen2003-2006 (4 years)
herbe133Herb Survey1984-2015 (8 years)
lite133Litter biomass1995-2017 (22 years)
lpe133Percent light penetration2000-2010 (2 years)
ple133Plant aboveground biomass data1999-2002 (4 years)
dse133Plant density1984-1984 (1 year)
aafe133Plant traits2005-2005 (1 year)
aeqe133Plant traits SLA CN percent cover2004-2005 (2 years)
rbe133Root biomass data1999-2010 (10 years)
rie133Root ingrowth biomass1999-2007 (9 years)
afle133Root tissue carbon and nitrogen1999-2004 (4 years)
sape133Sapling survey2000-2015 (4 years)
shrube133Shrub Survey1995-2015 (5 years)
cae133Soil Calcium2002-2002 (1 year)
bde133Soil bulk density2002-2002 (1 year)
scfe133Soil carbon flux1999-2005 (7 years)
mge133Soil magnesium2002-2002 (1 year)
hoe133Soil moisture1999-2002 (4 years)
agde133Soil net N mineralization over five incubation periods1995-1995 (1 year)
ne133Soil nitrogen1984-1984 (1 year)
phe133Soil pH1999-2004 (6 years)
agee133Soil percent carbon and nitrogen2002-2002 (1 year)
care133Soil percent organic matter1984-1984 (1 year)
afoe133Soil phosphorous2002-2002 (1 year)
ke133Soil potassium2002-2002 (1 year)
nae133Soil sodium2002-2002 (1 year)
tree133Tree survey1984-2010 (6 years)
e141: BioCON : Biodiversity, Elevated CO2, and N Enrichment
Investigators: Reich, Peter; Hobbie, Sarah; Montgomery, Rebecca
ahme14116S DNA from BioCON dry roots2013-2013 (1 year)
acye1411996 Ring soil texture, pH and Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)1996-1996 (1 year)
acie141Carbon respiration from soil incubation2007-2007 (1 year)
ahke141Fire Biomass Loss2016-2016 (1 year)
aele141June aboveground 15N isotope, total N and delta 15N2000-2012 (8 years)
aeje141Leaf 15N isotope, total N and delta 15N from 9 species water treatment plots2008-2011 (4 years)
aeke141Leaf delta 13C and total C from 9 species water treatment plots2008-2010 (3 years)
aeoe141Leaf net photosynthesis in CO2 x N x water treatment combinations2007-2010 (4 years)
aege141Light and heavy soil fraction total N and delta 15N2002-2002 (1 year)
afce141Litter biomass carbon nitrogen from water treatment plots2008-2010 (3 years)
aake141Lupinus Transgenerational Effects2006-2006 (1 year)
acfe141Lysimeter Water Treatment Plots2009-2010 (2 years)
lye141Lysimeter data2003-2005 (3 years)
aeie141Monoculture species green leaf total N and delta 15N2002-2002 (1 year)
nie141N15 isotope in plants1999-2000 (2 years)
mre141Nitrogen mineralization rate1998-2020 (22 years)
adue141Oak leaf water potential2012-2012 (1 year)
afde141Oak seedling survival 2002-2004 (2 years)
afpe141Patch Level Phenophase Measurements2012-2016 (5 years)
lpe141Percent light penetration1998-2019 (19 years)
phoe141Photosynthesis (A max, etc.)1998-2018 (18 years)
acce141Photosynthesis Leaf Carbon and Nitrogen1998-2008 (11 years)
aewe141Photosynthesis of Bromus inermis and Andropogon gerardi under treatment combinations of CO2 x Warm in 9 species plots2013-2014 (2 years)
afke141Photosynthetic CO2 response curves at controlled light, CO2 and temperatures1998-2000 (3 years)
nbe141Plant aboveground biomass carbon and nitrogen1998-2018 (20 years)
ple141Plant aboveground biomass data1998-2020 (23 years)
pce141Plant species percent cover data1999-2019 (21 years)
aale141Poa Transgenerational Effects2006-2006 (1 year)
sachmie141Reproduction data for Achillea millefolium2002-2016 (2 years)
samocae141Reproduction data for Amorpha canescens2006-2016 (8 years)
sasctue141Reproduction data for Asclepias tuberosa2007-2016 (7 years)
slescae141Reproduction data for Lespedeza capitata2001-2012 (12 years)
sluppee141Reproduction data for Lupinus perennis2001-2016 (12 years)
spetvie141Reproduction data for Petalostemum villosum2006-2012 (7 years)
ssolrie141Reproduction data for Solidago rigida2001-2012 (9 years)
sgrasse141Reproduction data for grasses2002-2016 (10 years)
roote141Root biomass data1998-2020 (23 years)
nre141Root carbon/nitrogen data1998-2018 (20 years)
rie141Root ingrowth biomass1998-2019 (22 years)
aame141Schizachyrium Transgenerational Effects2006-2006 (1 year)
swe141Seed weight2001-2002 (2 years)
aese141Soil Organisms2010-2010 (1 year)
nhe141Soil ammonium1998-2002 (5 years)
bde141Soil bulk density2003-2004 (2 years)
scfe141Soil carbon flux1998-2019 (22 years)
afqe141Soil metagenome fungal responses to elevated CO22017-2017 (1 year)
hoe141Soil moisture1998-2019 (22 years)
nohe141Soil nitrate and ammonium1998-2002 (5 years)
sphe141Soil pH1999-2020 (22 years)
ne141Soil percent nitrogen and carbon2002-2016 (4 years)
slae141Specific Leaf Area2001-2001 (1 year)
ahte141TeRaCON Leaf Gas Exchange2018-2018 (1 year)
ahje141TeRaCON eight year mean of NPP, carbon pools, and soil flux2012-2019 (8 years)
ahie141TeRaCON eight years collected species composition, productivity (NPP), soil carbon emissions and plant carbon stocks2012-2019 (8 years)
ache141Total and non-hydrolyzable soil carbon and nitrogen2006-2006 (1 year)
acbe141Vac Sampling aphids2000-2002 (3 years)
acae141Vac Sampling arthropod community2001-2003 (3 years)
e142: Effects of Long Term Fertilization and Oak Canopy Cover on Plant Communities and Ecosystem Processes
Investigators: Wrage, Keith; Reich, Peter; Wedin, David;
adje142Canopy litter biomass1998-2019 (22 years)
adqe142Canopy litter biomass carbon and nitrogen2003-2006 (4 years)
agce142Greenhouse test of plant ecophysiological traits or responses to nitrogen2002-2002 (1 year)
adne142Herbaceous Vegetation Survey1999-2010 (4 years)
adle142Plant aboveground biomass1999-2002 (4 years)
adoe142Plant aboveground biomass carbon and nitrogen1999-2001 (3 years)
adme142Plant belowground biomass1999-2010 (10 years)
adpe142Plant belowground biomass carbon and nitrogen1999-2004 (4 years)
adke142Shrub survey2005-2010 (2 years)
adre142Soil carbon flux1999-2005 (7 years)
ague142Soil percent carbon and nitrogen2002-2002 (1 year)
adie142Tree survey2000-2010 (3 years)
e172: Herbivory by Nitrogen Interactive Effects on Community and Ecosystem Processes and Dynamics
Investigators: Tilman, David
lpe172Percent light penetration1982-2004 (11 years)
nbe172Plant aboveground biomass carbon and nitrogen2009-2009 (1 year)
ple172Plant aboveground biomass data1982-2011 (30 years)
rbe172Root biomass data1987-2002 (13 years)
nre172Root carbon/nitrogen data2009-2009 (1 year)
mse172Small mammal abundance1982-1984 (3 years)
cae172Soil Calcium1982-1982 (1 year)
care172Soil carbon1982-2009 (4 years)
mge172Soil magnesium1982-1982 (1 year)
nohe172Soil nitrate and ammonium1985-2004 (13 years)
ne172Soil nitrogen1982-2009 (5 years)
pe172Soil phosphorous1982-1982 (1 year)
ke172Soil potassium1982-1982 (1 year)
e244: Natural Enemies, Plant Diversity and Plant Community Composition
Investigators: Kinkel, Linda; Borer, Elizabeth; Seabloom, Eric
agae244Greenhouse test of pesticide effects on plant growth2015-2015 (1 year)
adte244Leaf carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus2011-2011 (1 year)
aete244Multispectral Radiometry percent reflectance2008-2019 (12 years)
ple244Plant aboveground biomass data2007-2020 (13 years)
pce244Plant species percent cover data2008-2020 (13 years)
roote244Root biomass data2009-2016 (8 years)
e245: The influence of natural enemies on plant community composition and productivity
Investigators: Kinkel, Linda; Borer, Elizabeth; Seabloom, Eric
aire245Instantenous rates of ecosystem carbon fluxes2020-2020 (1 year)
aeue245Multispectral Radiometry percent reflectance2008-2019 (12 years)
ple245Plant aboveground biomass data2008-2021 (14 years)
pce245Plant species percent cover data2008-2020 (11 years)
roote245Root biomass data2009-2016 (8 years)
e247: Nutrient Network. A cross-site investigation of bottom-up control over herbaceous plant community dynamics and ecosystem function.
Investigators: Seabloom, Eric; Harpole, Stan; Borer, Elizabeth
adbe2472007 pre-treatment soils pH, nutrients, texture2007-2007 (1 year)
acue247Aboveground Standing Crop Biomass2007-2020 (14 years)
azye247In situ soil respirations throughout the 2020 growing season across an N fertilization gradient2019-2019 (1 year)
adae247Light Availability2008-2020 (10 years)
afre247Mechanisms driving the soil organic matter decomposition response to nutrient enrichment2014-2014 (1 year)
aeme247Multi-site grassland plant biomass, species richness and light (PAR)2007-2012 (5 years)
azze247Net ecosystem exchange measurements throughout the 2020 growing season across an N fertilization gradient2019-2019 (1 year)
aige247Nutrient Network Oak Litter Decomposition2010-2018 (8 years)
acze247Plant Species Composition percent cover2007-2020 (14 years)
ayye247Plant above and belowground biomass across an N fertilization gradient after 13 years of fertilization2019-2019 (1 year)
ahne247Plant and soil organic matter responses to ten years of nutrient enrichment in the Nutrient Network2016-2018 (2 years)
afje247Soil nutrient analysis2012-2012 (1 year)
aeve247Soil organic matter responses to nutrient enrichment in the Nutrient Network2012-2012 (1 year)
e249: BAC: Biodiversity and Climate
Investigators: Tilman, David; Powers, Jennifer; McFadden, Joe
aebe249Ant responses to experimental warming and plant diversity2011-2011 (1 year)
afhe249Daily mean iButton soil and air temp, air relative humidity2009-2014 (6 years)
aexe249Ground level light2010-2013 (4 years)
acde249Legume shoot N15 13C Isotopes2009-2010 (2 years)
acee249Net nitrogen mineralization2009-2010 (2 years)
adde249Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)2012-2012 (1 year)
adee249Phenology of individuals2009-2011 (3 years)
ple249Plant aboveground biomass data2007-2015 (8 years)
adfe249Population level phenology2009-2011 (3 years)
roote249Root biomass data2009-2012 (3 years)
aene249Root ingrowth biomass2013-2013 (1 year)
adse249Soil microbial functions and enzyme activity2011-2012 (2 years)
aeye249Soil moisture near the surface measured by Thetaprobe2009-2013 (5 years)
aeze249Soil nitrate, ammonium, and gravimetric moisture2011-2012 (2 years)
e271: FAB 1 : Forests and Biodiversity Experiment - High density diversity experiment
Investigators: Cavender-Bares, Jeannine; Hobbie, Sarah; Montgomery, Rebecca; Reich, Peter; Seabloom, Eric; Tilman, David
ahoe271Chlorophyll fluorescence2018-2018 (1 year)
agke271FAB Leaf Herbivory2014-2016 (3 years)
aere271Initial soil pH2013-2013 (1 year)
ahfe271Litterbag mass and chemistry2015-2017 (3 years)
ahre271Photosynthetic light-response curves2018-2018 (1 year)
ahse271SSU amplicons of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities in soils2016-2016 (1 year)
aepe271Sapling Census2013-2019 (7 years)
afee271Soil bulk density2013-2013 (1 year)
ahe271Soil lipid (P/NLFA) and AMF (spore and sequence) data from selected plots2016-2016 (1 year)
ahqe271Tilia americana leaf senescence phenology2017-2017 (1 year)
ahpe271Tree light availability2018-2018 (1 year)
e291: FAB 2 - DIV: Forests and Biodiversity Experiment - Low density diversity experiment
Investigators: Cavender-Bares, Jeannine; Montgomery, Rebecca; Hobbie, Sarah; Reich, Peter
agbe291Sapling Census2016-2019 (4 years)
e303: BACD (biodiversity and climate with drought): Manipulating Temperature, Rainfall, and Biodiversity
Investigators: Isbell, Forest; Tilman, David; Cowles, Jane;
aiae303Aboveground peak biomass2017-2020 (4 years)
aibe303Continuous Soil Moisture and Temperature2020
e306: DroughtNet: Establishing the International Drought Experiment at Cedar Creek tIDE (trait IDE)
Investigators: Isbell, Forest; Borer, Elizabeth
aiee306Aboveground Biomass2017-2019 (3 years)
aife306Percent Cover2016-2019 (4 years)
e307: DroughtNet: Establishing the International Drought Experiment at Cedar Creek sIDE (savanna IDE)
Investigators: Isbell, Forest; Borer, Elizabeth;
aice307Aboveground Biomass2016-2019 (4 years)
aide307Percent Cover2016-2019 (4 years)
e321: Assessing the use of bison for savanna restoration at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve
Investigators: Isbell, Forest; Tilman, David; Barale Potter, Caitlin
ahue321Aboveground Biomass2018-2018 (1 year)
ahxe321Consumption2018-2020 (2 years)
ahze321Oak sapling growth2018-2019 (2 years)
ahye321Soil Carbon and Nitrogen2018-2019 (2 years)
ahwe321Species Percent Cover2018-2020 (3 years)

Other Cedar Creek Research

Dataset IDTitleRange of Years (# years with data)
e003: Effects of Various Nutrients and Water on Vegetation
Investigators: Tilman, David
lpe003Percent light penetration1982-1990 (6 years)
ple003Plant aboveground biomass data1982-1991 (6 years)
msce003Small mammal scatter counts1985-1985 (1 year)
nhe003Soil ammonium1988-1988 (1 year)
noe003Soil nitrate1988-1988 (1 year)
nohe003Soil nitrate and ammonium1991-1991 (1 year)
ne003Soil nitrogen1982-1982 (1 year)
phe003Soil pH1982-1985 (2 years)
pe003Soil phosphorous1982-1982 (1 year)
tce003Soil trace metals1984-1984 (1 year)
e005: Effect of Herbivores on Vegetation Treated with Different N Levels and the Effect of N Addition on Herbivore Populations.
Investigators: Huntly, Nancy; Inouye, Richard
lpe005Percent light penetration1985-1985 (1 year)
ple005Plant aboveground biomass data1984-1985 (2 years)
e007: Effects of Deer on Growth and Establishment of Woody Vegetation in Old Fields
Investigators: Inouye, Richard; Allison, Taber
dre007Deer browse1991-1991 (1 year)
ne007Soil nitrogen1983-1983 (1 year)
tre007Tree data1985-1985 (1 year)
e008: Effect of N Addition on Vegetation with Mammalian Herbivory
Investigators: Huntly, Nancy; Inouye, Richard
avne008Average soil nitrogen1985-1985 (1 year)
gme008Gopher mounds1983-1985 (3 years)
hce008Grasshopper data1983-1983 (1 year)
hse008Grasshopper individual characteristics1984-1984 (1 year)
lpe008Percent light penetration1983-1986 (2 years)
ple008Plant aboveground biomass data1983-1986 (3 years)
mse008Small mammal abundance1983-1984 (2 years)
nhe008Soil ammonium1986-1986 (1 year)
noe008Soil nitrate1986-1986 (1 year)
ne008Soil nitrogen1983-1985 (2 years)
e009: Effect of N Addition on Vegetation With Mammalian Herbivory Initially on Disked Ground
Investigators: Huntly, Nancy; Inouye, Richard
gme009Gopher mounds1983-1985 (3 years)
hce009Grasshopper data1983-1983 (1 year)
hse009Grasshopper individual characteristics1984-1984 (1 year)
lpe009Percent light penetration1983-1983 (1 year)
ple009Plant aboveground biomass data1983-1985 (2 years)
mse009Small mammal abundance1983-1984 (2 years)
ne009Soil nitrogen1983-1983 (1 year)
e010: Herbivore Effects on a Large, Unmanipulated Area
Investigators: Huntly, Nancy; Inouye, Richard
gme010Gopher mounds1983-1985 (3 years)
hce010Grasshopper data1983-1983 (1 year)
hse010Grasshopper individual characteristics1984-1984 (1 year)
lpe010Percent light penetration1983-1986 (2 years)
ple010Plant aboveground biomass data1983-1986 (3 years)
mse010Small mammal abundance1983-1984 (2 years)
ne010Soil nitrogen1983-1983 (1 year)
e011: Effects of Nitrogen on Vegetation Under Herbivore Pressure
Investigators: Inouye, Richard; Huntly, Nancy
avne011Average soil nitrogen1985-1985 (1 year)
gme011Gopher mounds1983-1984 (2 years)
hce011Grasshopper data1983-1983 (1 year)
hse011Grasshopper individual characteristics1984-1984 (1 year)
lpe011Percent light penetration1984-1990 (3 years)
ple011Plant aboveground biomass data1984-1992 (5 years)
ne011Soil nitrogen1985-1985 (1 year)
e012: Effect of Fire Frequency on Grassland Vegetation and Soils
Investigators: Knops, Johannes;
lpe012Percent light penetration1987-1990 (3 years)
adxe012Plant aboveground biomass carbon and nitrogen2000-2010 (2 years)
ple012Plant aboveground biomass data1983-2010 (5 years)
pce012Plant species percent cover data2000-2000 (1 year)
adve012Root biomass2000-2010 (2 years)
adwe012Root carbon and nitrogen2000-2010 (2 years)
aeae012Soil Nitrogen Cycling2010-2010 (1 year)
adye012Soil bulk density2000-2010 (2 years)
adze012Soil carbon and nitrogen2000-2010 (2 years)
nohe012Soil nitrate and ammonium1987-1987 (1 year)
e015: Effect of Burning patterns on Vegetation in the Fish Lake Burn Compartments
Investigators: Tester, John; Tilman, David; Inouye, Richard; Faber-Langendoen, Don
pce015Plant species percent cover data1984-1984 (1 year)
she015Shrub data1984-1984 (1 year)
tre015Tree data1984-1984 (1 year)
e023: The Seasonal Effects of Nitrogen Addition in the Spring on Vegetation at Differing Times of the Growing Season
Investigators: Wedin, David; Tilman, David
ple023Plant aboveground biomass data1985-1985 (1 year)
e024: The Effect of Nitrogen Addition and Different pH Levels on Microorganism Populations
Investigators: Hankinson, Tom; Schmidt, Ed; Tilman, David
lpe024Percent light penetration1987-1990 (3 years)
ple024Plant aboveground biomass data1987-1989 (2 years)
nhe024Soil ammonium1987-1987 (1 year)
noe024Soil nitrate1987-1987 (1 year)
phe024Soil pH1987-1991 (3 years)
e025: The Effects of Adding Different Levels of Nitrogen at Different Times During the Growing Season
Investigators: Inouye, Richard
ple025Plant aboveground biomass data1985-1988 (4 years)
e026: Traits: Competition and Resource Reduction for Five Grass Species Grown in Monoculture and Competition in Soils with Different Nitrogen Availabilities
Investigators: Wedin, David; Tilman, David
fde026Available light at soil surface1987-1988 (2 years)
htlte026Percent light penetration and maximum plant height1986-1986 (1 year)
ple026Plant aboveground biomass data1992-1993 (2 years)
pce026Plant species percent cover data1989-1989 (1 year)
sexe026Reproductive output1988-1988 (1 year)
rbe026Root biomass data1986-1986 (1 year)
swe026Seed weight1985-1985 (1 year)
nohe026Soil nitrate and ammonium1989-1993 (5 years)
ne026Soil nitrogen1985-1985 (1 year)
wee026Weed biomass1994-1994 (1 year)
e038: Schizachyrium scoparium Nutrient Uptake Profiles
Investigators: Tilman, David
mbe038Microbial nitrogen1987-1987 (1 year)
ple038Plant aboveground biomass data1987-1987 (1 year)
nhe038Soil ammonium1987-1987 (1 year)
noe038Soil nitrate1987-1987 (1 year)
e042: Traits: Biomass Allocation Trends in Old Field in Relation to Gradients of Succesional Age and Soil Nitrogen
Investigators: Gleeson, Scott; Tilman, David
rppe042Plant biomass allocation1987-1987 (1 year)
ple042Plant aboveground biomass data1987-1987 (1 year)
tne042Plant tissue nitrogen1987-1987 (1 year)
rbe042Root biomass data1987-1987 (1 year)
nhe042Soil ammonium1987-1987 (1 year)
noe042Soil nitrate1987-1987 (1 year)
e052: Interactive Effects of Fertility and Distribution on Plant Community Diversity and Structure
Investigators: Wilson, Scott; Tilman, David
abxe052Field B Microplot Arthropod Sweepnet Sampling1998-1998 (1 year)
hve052Full aboveground harvest data1990-1990 (1 year)
lfe052Leaf length data1990-1991 (2 years)
hte052Maximum plant height along transects1990-1990 (1 year)
lpe052Percent light penetration1990-1998 (3 years)
ple052Plant aboveground biomass data1988-1994 (7 years)
pce052Plant species percent cover data1998-1998 (1 year)
rbe052Root biomass data1988-1994 (7 years)
rbse052Schizachyrium scoparium seedling root and shoot biomass1990-1990 (1 year)
cde052Seedling condition1990-1990 (1 year)
sde052Seedling data1991-1991 (1 year)
sge052Seedling growth1991-1991 (1 year)
loce052Seedling planting information1990-1990 (1 year)
nohe052Soil nitrate and ammonium1989-1992 (3 years)
ne052Soil nitrogen1988-1998 (2 years)
phe052Soil pH2001-2001 (1 year)
e053: Components of Plant Competition Along an Experimental Gradient of Nitrogen Availability
Investigators: Wilson, Scott; Tilman, David
lpe053Percent light penetration1988-1988 (1 year)
nohe053Soil nitrate and ammonium1988-1988 (1 year)
e055: Plant Competition Under Different Nitrogen Levels:A Garden Experiment
Investigators: Tilman, David
lpe055Percent light penetration1989-1999 (4 years)
ple055Plant aboveground biomass data1989-1999 (7 years)
pce055Plant species percent cover data2002-2002 (1 year)
reproe055Reproductive biomass1989-1993 (3 years)
roote055Root biomass data1992-2002 (4 years)
nohe055Soil nitrate and ammonium1989-2002 (7 years)
ne055Soil nitrogen1989-1997 (2 years)
wee055Weed biomass1992-1994 (2 years)
e060: Vegetation Phenology and Grasshopper Competition
Investigators: Ritchie, Mark; Tilman, David
ghe060Grasshopper cage data1989-1990 (2 years)
ple060Plant aboveground biomass data1989-1989 (1 year)
e061: Effect of Bird Predation on Grasshopper and Plant Communties
Investigators: Ritchie, Mark; Tilman, David
ghe061Grasshopper cage data1989-1990 (2 years)
ple061Plant aboveground biomass data1989-2003 (10 years)
nohe061Soil nitrate and ammonium1991-1998 (4 years)
e062: Selective Herbivory and Plant Allocation
Investigators: Ritchie, Mark; Tilman, David
ple062Plant aboveground biomass data1989-1989 (1 year)
e064: Effects of Deer and Pocket Gophers on Vegetation and Soils
Investigators: Inouye, Richard; Huntly, Nancy
tne064Plant tissue nitrogen1989-1989 (1 year)
she064Shrub data1991-1991 (1 year)
nohe064Soil nitrate and ammonium1991-1991 (1 year)
e065: Forest Deer Exclosures Near the Cornea Cabin
Investigators: Inouye, Richard
tre065Tree data1989-1991 (3 years)
e066: Seed Size and Establishment
Investigators: McGinley, Mark; Tilman, David
hte066Maximum plant height along transects1990-1990 (1 year)
pce066Plant species percent cover data1990-1990 (1 year)
e069: Tree Competition Garden
Investigators: Tilman, David
nbe069Plant aboveground biomass carbon and nitrogen1996-1997 (2 years)
ple069Plant aboveground biomass data1993-1997 (3 years)
rbe069Root biomass data1993-1997 (3 years)
nre069Root carbon/nitrogen data1996-1997 (2 years)
bde069Soil bulk density1997-1997 (1 year)
nohe069Soil nitrate and ammonium1990-1996 (5 years)
ne069Soil nitrogen1996-1997 (2 years)
e070: Legume Competition Garden
Investigators: Tilman, David
nbe070Plant aboveground biomass carbon and nitrogen1998-1998 (1 year)
ple070Plant aboveground biomass data1992-1998 (3 years)
reproe070Reproductive biomass1992-1993 (2 years)
rbe070Root biomass data1992-1998 (2 years)
nre070Root carbon/nitrogen data1998-1998 (1 year)
bde070Soil bulk density1998-1998 (1 year)
nohe070Soil nitrate and ammonium1991-1998 (3 years)
ne070Soil nitrogen1998-1998 (1 year)
wee070Weed biomass1994-1994 (1 year)
e071: Mechanisms of Grasshopper-Plant Interactions
Investigators: Ritchie, Mark; Tilman, David
ghe071Grasshopper cage data1991-1991 (1 year)
ple071Plant aboveground biomass data1991-1991 (1 year)
nohe071Soil nitrate and ammonium1991-1992 (2 years)
e077: Long-Term Grasshopper-Plant Interactions
Investigators: Ritchie, Mark
nohe077Soil nitrate and ammonium1991-1992 (2 years)
e079: Distribution of Wetland Plant Species in Relation to the Level of the Water Table
Investigators: Phillips, Martha; Gorham, Eville; Bryant, Charlotte
pce079Plant species percent cover data1988-1990 (3 years)
e081: Atmospheric Deposition-Wet and Dry at Cedar Creek
Investigators: Malave, Catherine
ate081Atmospheric deposition and precipitation1984-2009 (23 years)
e084: Water table Dynamics at Cedar Creek
Investigators: Basiletti, Mark; Grigal, David
gwe084Depth to water table1989-2017 (29 years)
e085: Plant Colonization and Species Diversity in an Old Field
Investigators: Tilman, David
pce085Plant species percent cover data1990-1998 (6 years)
sde085Seedling data1992-1992 (1 year)
nohe085Soil nitrate and ammonium1994-1994 (1 year)
e086: The Diversity and Abundance of Prairie Plant Communties
Investigators: Vincent, Tania
lpe086Percent light penetration1991-1991 (1 year)
pce086Plant species percent cover data1990-1991 (2 years)
fle086Reproductive output--number of flowering heads1991-1991 (1 year)
e088: Litter Quality and Landscape Controls of Decomposition
Investigators: Wedin, David; Pastor, John; Homann, Peter; Phillips, Martha
nohe088Soil nitrate and ammonium1991-1991 (1 year)
e090: Grasshopper removals
Investigators: Ritchie, Mark
ple090Plant aboveground biomass data1991-1991 (1 year)
nohe090Soil nitrate and ammonium1991-1992 (2 years)
e091: The Effect of Seed Addition on Biodiversity in an Oak Savanna
Investigators: Tilman, David; McGinley, Mark
mpce091Mean percent cover--average of 2 survey groups1993-1993 (1 year)
pce091Plant species percent cover data1991-1998 (5 years)
sdle091Seedling density1992-1992 (1 year)
nohe091Soil nitrate and ammonium1994-1994 (1 year)
e093: Soil Heterogeneity and Plant Diversity in an Oak Savanna
Investigators: Tilman, David
afie0931992 Seed addition sections and species1992-1992 (1 year)
lpe093Percent light penetration2004-2004 (1 year)
pce093Plant species percent cover data1991-2008 (8 years)
sdle093Seedling density1992-2004 (2 years)
nohe093Soil nitrate and ammonium1991-1994 (2 years)
e099: Total C and N Storage Along Wetland-Upland Gradients
Investigators: Bryant, Charlotte; Gorham, Eville
nohe099Soil nitrate and ammonium1992-1992 (1 year)
e107: Soil Heterogeneity With Disturbance
Investigators: Vincent, Tania
fle107Reproductive output--number of flowering heads1991-1991 (1 year)
e108: Soil Disturbance Gradient
Investigators: Vincent, Tania
lpe108Percent light penetration1991-1991 (1 year)
pce108Plant species percent cover data1990-1990 (1 year)
fle108Reproductive output--number of flowering heads1991-1991 (1 year)
e111: Multiple Traits of Multiple Plant Species Measured in Monoculture Gardens
Investigators: Tilman, David
nbe111Plant aboveground biomass carbon and nitrogen1997-1997 (1 year)
ple111Plant aboveground biomass data1997-1997 (1 year)
nre111Root carbon/nitrogen data1997-1997 (1 year)
nohe111Soil nitrate and ammonium1997-1997 (1 year)
e112: Seedling Addition Experimant in Field D
Investigators: Tilman, David
lpe112Percent light penetration2004-2004 (1 year)
psae112Plant species inventory1996-1996 (1 year)
e113: Seed Addition in Lawrence Strips
Investigators: Tilman, David
pce113Plant species percent cover data1994-1998 (4 years)
e115: Addition of Schizachyrium scoparium Seeds to the Lawrence Strips
Investigators: Tilman, David
pce115Plant species percent cover data1994-1999 (3 years)
e116: Simplification functional groups
Investigators: Symstad, Amy
abve116Arthropod D-Vac Sampling 1995-1995 (1 year)
e122: Trophic Structure: Insect Species Diversity, Abundance and Body Size
Investigators: Haarstad, John; Siemann, Evan; Tilman, David
inscadunde122Abundance and Body size of Insects Collected1992-1992 (1 year)
abye122All Insect Savanna Sweepnet Sampling 20042004-2004 (1 year)
araspee122Arachnida species (spiders) abundance1992-1992 (1 year)
colspee122Coleoptera species abundance1992-1992 (1 year)
dipsee122Diptera species abundance1992-1992 (1 year)
forespee122Formicidae species (ants) abundance1992-1992 (1 year)
hemspee122Hemiptera species abundance1992-1992 (1 year)
homspee122Homoptera species abundance1992-1992 (1 year)
hymspee122Hymenoptera species abundance1992-1992 (1 year)
insctrape122Insects caught in pitfall traps1992-1992 (1 year)
lepspcee122Lepidoptera species abundance1992-1992 (1 year)
miscspee122Miscellaneous inscet species abundance1992-1992 (1 year)
abze122Old Field All Arthropod Sweepnet Sampling 20042004-2004 (1 year)
ortspee122Orthoptera species abundance1992-1992 (1 year)
e123: The Small Biodiversity Experiment
Investigators: Tilman, David; Wedin, David; Reich, Peter; Knops, Johannes
nle123Litter carbon and nitrogen1998-1998 (1 year)
lpe123Percent light penetration1996-1999 (3 years)
nbe123Plant aboveground biomass carbon and nitrogen1996-1998 (3 years)
ple123Plant aboveground biomass data1996-2005 (8 years)
pce123Plant species percent cover data1995-2005 (7 years)
rbe123Root biomass data1997-2004 (4 years)
nre123Root carbon/nitrogen data1996-1998 (3 years)
nohe123Soil nitrate and ammonium1997-2005 (5 years)
nme123Soil nitrate, ammonium, moisture and nitrogen mineralization1996-1996 (1 year)
ne123Soil nitrogen1996-1998 (2 years)
adhe123Vac Sampling arthropod community1996-1996 (1 year)
e136: Acorn Survey
Investigators: Knops, Johannes
aefe136Acorn production1995-2011 (17 years)
aehe136Oak diameter at breast height1995-1995 (1 year)
e145: Effects of Nitrogen Fertilization on Litter and Soil Decomposition
Investigators: Hobbie, Sarah
agme145Bulk Density2018-2018 (1 year)
agne145Cumulative Microbial Respiration2011-2011 (1 year)
agoe145Daily Microbial Respiration2011-2011 (1 year)
cze145Extracellular enzyme2005-2005 (1 year)
agqe145Fine Root Biomass and Chemistry2011-2011 (1 year)
ahle145Global litter decomposition across nitrogen fertilization experiments2017-2017 (1 year)
agse145Gravimetric Soil Moisture2011-2011 (1 year)
agte145Gravimetric Soil MoistureSoil pH2011-2011 (1 year)
ldnde145Litter Decomposition and Nitrogen Dynamics2005-2005 (1 year)
agpe145Microbial Biomass2011-2011 (1 year)
agre145Soil CN2011-2011 (1 year)
e153: Interactive Effects of Deer, Fire and Nitrogen
Investigators: Knops, Johannes; Ritchie, Mark
arce153Arthropod sweepnet sampling2003-2006 (4 years)
ple153Plant aboveground biomass data2002-2009 (3 years)
psae153Plant species inventory2001-2005 (2 years)
pce153Plant species percent cover data2001-2005 (3 years)
roote153Root biomass data2002-2005 (2 years)
skte153Skink trapping2004-2004 (1 year)
mse153Small mammal abundance2003-2005 (3 years)
bde153Soil bulk density2002-2002 (1 year)
tre153Tree data2001-2005 (5 years)
e169: Causes of change in ectomycorrhizal communities
Investigators: Dickie, Ian; Reich, Peter; McLaughlin, David
abae169Belowground fungal community presence in savanna and oak forest2009-2009 (1 year)
aaze169Sporocarp count aboveground fungal communities in savanna and oak forest1998-2002 (3 years)
e199: Arabidopsis BioCON evolutionary study
Investigators: Tiffin, Peter; Reich, Peter; Shaw, Ruth
aaie199Arabidopsis Tolerance to herbivory2006-2006 (1 year)
acpe199Arabidopsis thaliana, Bromus inermis phenotypic selection analyses standardized across trtmnts2006-2006 (1 year)
acoe199Arabidopsis thaliana, Bromus inermis phenotypic selection analysis2006-2006 (1 year)
aaxe199Lespedeza herbivory census2004-2021 (15 years)
aaje199Phenology, growth, and fitness of Arabidopsis under ambient and elevated CO22005-2005 (1 year)
aahe199Phenology, growth, and fitness of Arabidopsis under ambient and elevated CO2 and in the presence/absence of competitors2006-2006 (1 year)
e211: Nitrogen limitation in decomposition
Investigators: Hobbie, Sarah ; Hobbie, Sarah; Ogdahl, Megan
aaae211Decomposition Model Parameters2005-2005 (1 year)
aabe211Initial Substrate Chemistry2005-2005 (1 year)
aade211O horizon extracellular enzyme activity2009-2009 (1 year)
aaee211Phospholipid fatty acids (PFLA) on decomposed litter2005-2008 (2 years)
aace211Substrate mass, nitrogen, extracellular enzyme, and microbial biomass and stoichiometry dynamics2005-2008 (4 years)
e219: The role of photodegradation in surface litter decomposition in grasslands along UV-B gradient
Investigators: Brandt, Leslie; Hobbie, Sarah; King, Jennifer
aane219UV Litter Decomposition2006-2008 (3 years)
e234: An evolutionary perspective on functional diversity in co-occuring willow(salix) species
Investigators: Cavender-Bares, Jeannine; Savage, Jessica
aate234Gas exchange, dieback, leaf water potential and chlorophyll content during a greenhouse drought experiment2007-2007 (1 year)
aape234Phospholipid fatty acids (PFLA) on decomposed litter2008-2008 (1 year)
aase234Photoprotective leaf pigments and chlorophyll fluorescence measurements during a greenhouse drought experiment2007-2007 (1 year)
e237: Effects of white pine invasion of old fields on biogeochemical processes
Investigators: Hobbie, Sarah; Hobbie, Sarah
aede237Litter decomposition2008-2011 (4 years)
aece237Soil Carbon and Nitrogen analysis2009-2009 (1 year)
aeee237Soil cation analysis2009-2009 (1 year)
e238: Investigating patterns of habitat specialization in fifteen co-occurring willow and poplar species.
Investigators: Savage, Jessica; Cavender-Bares, Jeannine
aave238Depth to the water table measurements and soil analysis for the field plots2008-2008 (1 year)
aare238Functional traits measured in a greenhouse common garden2009-2009 (1 year)
aawe238Functional traits measured under field conditions in native populations2009-2009 (1 year)
aaoe238Growth, gas exchange and hydraulic conductivity of greenhouse grown willows under pre-drought conditions2006-2006 (1 year)
aaue238Sequences of the nuclear gene ADH for thirteen species of willows and two poplars2010-2010 (1 year)
aaqe238Total basal area of all willow and poplar species present in field plots2008-2008 (1 year)
e246: Biodiversity: A field test of biofuel production and ground-water quality.
Investigators: Lehman, Clarence; Tilman, David; Nieber, John; Trost, Jared
acle246Biofuels Harvest2007-2009 (3 years)
acse246Plant community light interception2008-2009 (2 years)
acme246Plant species percent cover data2007-2009 (3 years)
acke246Root Ingrowth Biomass2008-2009 (2 years)
acne246Root harvest biomass2007-2009 (3 years)
acre246Soil carbon and nitrogen2007-2010 (2 years)
acte246Soil moisture2008-2009 (2 years)
e248: The Effect of Nitrogen Addition and Irrigation in High Diversity Prairies
Investigators: Tilman, David
pce248Plant aboveground biomass data2007-2010 (4 years)
roote248Root biomass data2010-2010 (1 year)
e263: Specialization, maintenance of diversity and ecosystem consequences of growth defense trade-offs in a model system: the hyper-diverse willow communities of Cedar Creek
Investigators: Cavender-Bares, Jeannine; Hobbie, Sarah; Borer, Elizabeth; Savage, Jessica; Wei, Xiaojing; Riggs, Charlotte
ahge2632012 growing season water table depth in common gardens2012-2012 (1 year)
afae263Effects of Salicaceae species litter type and moisture at 10 paired wetland by upland plots2011-2012 (2 years)
afbe263Initial Salicaceae species litter chemistry2011-2011 (1 year)
ahhe263Percent carbon and nitrogen in leaf tissue2012-2012 (1 year)
e267: Twin Cities Household Ecosystem Project
Investigators: Hobbie, Sarah; Baker, Larry; Nelson, Kristen; McFadden, Joe; King, Jennifer
abke267Data on age, gender, height, weight, activity levels for each household member.2008-2008 (1 year)
abbe267Survey results. All air travel trips made by households. Business vs. pleasure, miles and number of travelers.2008-2008 (1 year)
abee267Survey results. Preferences on diet type, meat-fish, vegetarian, vegan and reasons for preferences by family member.2008-2008 (1 year)
abge267Survey results. Adult education level and work status for all adults in household.2008-2008 (1 year)
abse267Survey results. Attitude on importance of landscaping choices for ease of maintenance, supporting wildlife, native species, esthetics, privacy seclusion, tidiness2008-2008 (1 year)
abde267Survey results. Attitudes about difficulty or ease of eating meat from each family member.2008-2008 (1 year)
abre267Survey results. Attitudes about the difficulty or ease of using a car for primary transportation. Includes answers evaluating attitudes of other household2008-2008 (1 year)
abne267Survey results. Attitudes on choices for lawn care and fertilization.2008-2008 (1 year)
abhe267Survey results. Attitudes on whether making choices to increase energy efficiency of the home are harmful or beneficial.2008-2008 (1 year)
abce267Survey results. Commutes to work and school by family member. Mode used, frequency and miles travelled.2008-2008 (1 year)
aboe267Survey results. Data on lawn fertilization, watering, leaf mulching vs. removal. Indicates if professional lawn services were used. Includes on site data from UMN survey team, when applicable.2008-2008 (1 year)
abie267Survey results. Energy consumption for heating and cooling, including fuel choices and use of programmable thermostats.2008-2008 (1 year)
abje267Survey results. Household planned or completed activities to increase energy efficiency of the home.2008-2008 (1 year)
abfe267Survey results. Leaf disposal choices between, remove from site, mulch, compost, burn2008-2008 (1 year)
abpe267Survey results. Magazines and newspapers subscriptions and amounts of paper and plastic recycled.2008-2008 (1 year)
abte267Survey results. Make and model of each car or truck owned by household. Odometer reading, year and month of purchase, number of cylinders and odometer reading at time of survey. MPG estimate from US EPA vehicle databases by vehicle.2008-2008 (1 year)
abqe267Survey results. Number and size of dogs and cats in the household. Each pet has singular ID associated with Household ID.2008-2008 (1 year)
abme267UMN tree survey team data by household for 360 households. Includes specific data on individual trees and vegetation beneath the tree canopy.2008-2008 (1 year)
able267Unique household ID relational to all tables. Data, from participating households, on utility company records and tree survey access for UMN survey team.2008-2008 (1 year)
e268: Phenology, the timing of biological events such as bud break, plant flowering times and bird migration
Investigators: Montgomery, Rebecca
aaye268National Phenology Network tree phenology2009-2021 (13 years)
e277: Consequences of intraspecific and interspecific biodiversity in willows and poplars for community processes and ecosystem function (BiWaP)
Investigators: Grossman, Jacob; Cavender-Bares, Jeannine;
agle277Tree growth and herbivory2016-2016 (1 year)
e279: Microbial composition and function across an old-field chronosequence
Investigators: Cline, Lauren; Zak, Donald
affe279Root biochemistry2013-2013 (1 year)
afge279Soil organic matter, total nitrogen and pH2013-2013 (1 year)
e280: Chemical Limnology of Cedar Creek Aquatic Habitats
Investigators: Sterner, Robert; Bratt, Anika; Brovold, Sandra
adge280Surface water chemistry2012-2012 (1 year)
e284: Plant host and plant diversity effects on rhizosphere microbial community composition, diversity, structure, and function.
Investigators: Kinkel, Linda
acge284Streptomyces pathogen suppressive activity in plant communities varying in diversity2010-2010 (1 year)
e290: Dimensions of Biodiversity - Genetic, Phylogenetic, Functional, and Remotely Sensed Diversity
Investigators: Cavender-Bares, Jeannine; Hobbie, Sarah; Montgomery, G.; Reich, Peter
afue290Enzyme activity of soil communities2014-2014 (1 year)
agve290Molecular characterization of fungi in soil 2015-2015 (1 year)
afve290Net N mineralization2014-2015 (2 years)
afwe290Root biomass2014-2014 (1 year)
afte290Root carbon fraction chemistry2014-2014 (1 year)
afse290Soil microbial biomass carbon2014-2015 (2 years)
afze290Soil microbial respiration rate2014-2014 (1 year)
afye290Soil pH2014-2014 (1 year)
afxe290Soil percent carbon and nitrogen2014-2015 (2 years)
e298: Genetic Diversity, Ecological Niches, and Climate Change Vulnerability of Aspens in the Upper Midwest
Investigators: Deacon, Nicholas; Grossman, Jake; Cavender-Bares, Jeannine
agwe298Budbreak2016-2016 (1 year)
ahbe298Cavitation2016-2016 (1 year)
agxe298Chlorophyll fluorescence2016-2016 (1 year)
agye298Common garden plant collection2016-2016 (1 year)
agze298Electrolyte leakage and resistance to damage2016-2016 (1 year)
ahce298Leaf gas exchange2016-2016 (1 year)
ahae298Leaf osmotic potential and stomatal pore index2016-2016 (1 year)
ahde298Leaf phenology2016-2016 (1 year)