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Aerial view of Cedar Creek campus.Taking deep soil core samples in E120.Building electrical components for warming equipment in the BioCON experiment.

Conducting research at Cedar Creek

Research proposal review procedures

All proposals for new research at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve are reviewed by the Associate Director, other researchers who have existing projects that may be impacted by the proposed work, and, as needed, the Land Use Committee. No research may be initiated until a proposal has been reviewed and approved. Decisions are typically made within two weeks of proposal submission, though some proposals require more or less time for evaluation.

Proposal Submission Form

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Annual resource request and research plan

Prior to sampling each year, any investigator planning to conduct research at Cedar Creek must confirm receipt of our annual orientation packet, and complete a Resource Request and Research Plan form. These will be emailed to all researchers who have a approved research proposal.

Site Access

To improve security and safety and to provide Cedar Creek with valuable information on site usage, personal are required to check in before going to any field site. Please check in online at

Any car parked on or adjacent to Cedar Creek property (excluding parking areas on the main Cedar Creek campus) must display a Cedar Creek access and parking permit. You will be issued permits when you confirm your receipt of the annual orientation packet.

Most areas require a gate key to access.  Keys may be checked out for daily or seasonal use.   Please contact the Facilities Manager, Jim Krueger, to arrange access to gate keys.

Project Completion

Prior to the completion of any research project a Lab/Project Shutdown Procedures form must be submitted to the Resident Safety Officer.  The form is available HERE.  Please complete and return to Kally Worm.

Site usage fees

If you are not a University of Minnesota researcher, and are funded by a grant that does not pay overhead to the University of Minnesota, there is a $500/year fee for experimental studies and a $300/year fee for observational studies.

If you are working independently, not funded by a grant, the site-use fee does not apply. Please note that this fee is charged in lieu of the overhead funds that research grants otherwise would generate. Direct support from the University of Minnesota (some of which is derived from overhead) and support from site-use fees provides the only funds for maintaining our roads, buildings, grounds and infrastructure. Granting agencies regularly approve the payment of such site-use fees.

There are additional fees for space (office, lab, storage), labor, and truck or equipment rental.  Please contact Dr. Caitlin Barale Potter ( ) for more information.

Human subjects

All research at Cedar Creek involving human subjects must conform to the policies laid out by the University of Minnesota's Institutional Review Board, available at

Animal subjects

All research at Cedar Creek involving animal subjects must conform to the policies laid out by the University of Minnesota's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), available at

Data submission

Data from research conducted at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve must be submitted to Cedar Creek for archiving. Additionally, all data from research supported wholly, or in part, through LTER grants must be made available to the research community within two years of collection. Cedar Creek will distribute all data and metadata in accordance with LTER requirements. Please submit all data in accordance with the protocols available here.