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Research Project Locations at Cedar Creek

This scalable map contains spatial locations of research projects and site facilities at Cedar Creek. Click on an individual plot or building to make a selection. Click on the arrow to the far right to see more information. If multiple objects are stacked at a location, then you may need to click on the arrow directly right or left of the numbers to see all objects at that location.

Additional projects are being added as location information is provided. If you have a project at Cedar
Creek and that is not visible on the map, please complete this Google Form and/or email Megan Lauzon

When using this map in the planning of a new project, remember that the boundaries and locations
displayed are approximations and many projects are not yet included on this map. It is still necessary to
scout locations in person before proposing a new project at Cedar Creek. Please follow the instructions
found at Conducting Research at Cedar Creek to propose a new project.
Please be sure to check-in each day that you come to Cedar Creek for research or other activities. The
check-in process can be completed at