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Methods for Experiment 317 -

Description of research

Avian Point Counts: We will conduct two 10-minute 50-meter radius point count surveys in each of four burn units to document the bird community. Point count locations will be co-located with one of the 8-m radius plots described below for the vegetation surveys. All birds seen and heard will be recorded. Pitfall Trapping: We will deploy 12 pitfall traps (3 in each of four burn units), and conduct two sampling rounds. For each sampling round, traps will be opened for 24 hours to sample the ground arthropod community. All collected specimens will be placed in ethanol alcohol and brought back to the lab for identification. Pitfall traps consist of 16oz plastic cups with lids. Traps will be covered in between the two sampling rounds. Vegetation Surveys: In each of four burn units, we will randomly locate two 8-m radius plots. In each of these plots, we will measure the identity, height, and dbh of all trees over 2.54 cm in diameter. In addition, in 24 1-m2 quadrats (6/burn unit), we will inventory the vegetation completely, making note of all species present. Soil Sampling: We will collect two randomly located 1??? diameter soil cores to 1 m depth, one each in burn units 104 and 108.