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Methods for Experiment 277 -


Growth measurements were made of all plants in September 2015 and 2016 (end of growing season). Herbivory measurements were made on POTR only in September 2016. Diameter measurements were made with a caliper; height measurements were made with a bending meter stick. Both are to the nearest 0.5 mm or cm, respectively. Herbivory measurements were made by visual estimation. Leaf_Rem is estimated based on close inspection of the top five leaves of the tallest leader stem. Gall/miner/aphid/scale measurements are counts of damage across the entire plant.

Plot establishment

The BiWaP experiment was established by JJG in June 2014 and replanted in May-June 2015 with plants produced from cuttings taken in 2013-14 and raised in the St. Paul UMN Plant Growth Facilities for between three months and two years. Species are Populus tremuloides (quaking aspen; POTR), P. alba (white aspen; POAL), and Salix nigra (black willow; SANI). The experiment consists of two blocks, each with eighteen plots, some of which were excluded due to lack of plants. Plots have either 25 or 26 plants.