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Methods for Experiment 219 -

aane219 - UV Litter Decomposition

Carbon and Nitrogen Analysis

Carbon and nitrogen were measured using an Elementar analyzer on powdered material.

Enzyme Assays

Fluorescence was measured using a Biotek FL 600 microplate reader and absorbance was measured using measured using a Fisher Multiskan microplate reader.

Fiber Analysis (hemicellulose, cellulose, lignin)

Fiber content was analyzed on a 0.5 g subsample using an Ankom fiber analyzer using standard protocols.

Plot Description

Plots were located north of the gravel road north of field E in an open field. Plots were 0.75 by 1.5 m and centered within larger 10 m by 7 m plots organized in a 40 by 75 m grid beginning in the northwest corner and ending in the southeast corner. Plots were organized into a randomized complete block design of 10 blocks.

Sampling Method

Litterbags were 15 by15 cm and constructed of 1 mm aluminmum windowscreen. Bags were filled with 8 g of senesced litter. All bags were placed in the field in April 22, 2006 and collected by hand on their respective collection date (one bag per plot).