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Methods for Experiment 111 -

Experiment Design

In the summer of 1992, LTER experiment 111 was initiated on an abandoned agricultural field that had the top 60-80 cm of soil removed with a bulldozer. This monoculture garden was set up adjacent to the existing competition gardens (LTER experiments 26, 55, 69 and 70). The 160 total plots consist of two plot sizes, large (5 ft x 8ft) and small (5 ft x 4 ft) were built using sheet metal pounded into the ground. The entire garden is surrounded by a 6 foot tall fence above ground and a 4 foot tall fence below ground to exclude herbivores. Seeds were planted in the fall of 1992. Plots were weeded each year to maintain monoculture status. Appropriate treatments were administered to each experiment and sampling was done according to sampling schedules during the 1992 field season. Species plot table

PlotSpecies Functional Group
1Koeleria cristataC3
2Solidago rigidaF
3Panicum capillareC3
4.1Sporobolus heterolepisC4
5.1Agastache foeniculumF
5.2Lupinus perennisL
6Panicum virgatumC4
7Sorghastrum nutansC4
8.1Petalostemum purpureumL
10.1bare groundBG
10.2Aster ericoidesF
12Asclepias tuberosaF
13.1Ambrosia artemisiifoliaA
14.2bare groundBG
15Andropogon gerardiC4
16Agrostis scabraC3
18Anemone cylindricaF
19.2Asclepias verticillataF
20Asclepias syriacaF
21Schizachyrium scopariumC4
22Anemone cylindricaF
23.1Agastache foeniculumF
23.2Desmodium canadenseL
24Carex sp.S
25.1Calamovilfa longifoliaC4
25.2Lupinus perennisL
26.2Calamovilfa longifoliaC4
27Asclepias syriacaF
28Achillea millefoliumF
29Asclepias tuberosaF
30.1Petalostemum candidumL
31Bouteloua curtipendulaC4
32.1Aster novaeanglieaeF
32.2Petalostemum purpureumL
34Solidago rigidaF
35Solidago rigidaF
37Solidago nemoralisF
38.1Petalostemum villosumL
38.2Lupinus perennisL
39Rudbeckia serotinaF
40Panicum virgatumC4
41Quercus macrocarpaW
42Koeleria cristataC3
43Andropogon gerardiC4
44.1Aster azureusF
44.2Astragalus canadensisL
45Solidago speciosaF
46Agropyron repensC3
47.1Asclepias verticillataF
47.2Aster ericoidesF
49Quercus macrocarpaW
50.2Petalostemum candidumL
51.2Ambrosia artemisiifoliaA
52Agrostis scabraC3
53.1Aster novaeanglieaeF
54.1Sporobolus heterolepisC4
54.2Aster azureusF
55Penstemon grandiflorusL
56Sorghastrum nutansC4
57.1Coreposis palmataF
58.1Aster azureusF
58.2Petalostemum purpureumL
61.1Astragalus canadensisL
61.2Coreposis palmataF
62Potentilla argutaF
63.1Petalostemum villosumL
64Agropyron repensC3
67Carex sp.S
68Penstemon grandiflorusF
69Corylus americanusW
70Liatris asperaF
71Koeleria cristataC3
72.1Aster azureusF
72.2Ambrosia artemisiifoliaA
73Poa pratensisC3
74Carex sp.S
78Solidago speciosaF
79Lespedeza capitataL
80Rudbeckia serotinaF
81.1Asclepias verticillataF
81.2Desmodium canadenseL
82.1Coreposis palmataF
83Poa pratensisC3
84Solidago nemoralisF
85Lespedeza capitataL
86Solidago nemoralisF
87.1Desmodium canadenseL
87.2Ambrosia artemisiifoliaA
88.1Lupinus perennisL
88.2Petalostemum purpureumL
89Anemone cylindricaF
90Corylus americanusW
91.1Asclepias verticillataF
91.2Agastache foeniculumF
92Quercus macrocarpaW
93Liatris asperaF
94Stipa sparteaC3
95Sorghastrum nutansC4
96Asclepias tuberosaF
97Lespedeza capitataL
98Sorghastrum nutansC4
99Solidago nemoralisF
100Potentilla argutaF
101Bouteloua curtipendulaC4
102Penstemon grandiflorusF
103.2Aster ericoidesF
104Solidago speciosaF
105.2Aster novaeanglieaeF
107.1Astragalus canadensisL
108Achillea millefoliumF
109Agropyron repensC3
110Liatris asperaF
111Bouteloua curtipendulaC4
113Corylus americanusW
114Agrostis scabraC3
116Panicum virgatumC4
117Agrostis scabraC3
118Bouteloua curtipendulaC4
119Schizachyrium scopariumC4
120Quercus macrocarpaW
121Solidago rigidaF
122Schizachyrium scopariumC4
123Anemone cylindricaF
124Asclepias tuberosaF
125Rudbeckia serotinaF
126Andropogon gerardiC4
127Stipa sparteaC3
128Stipa sparteaC3
129.1Coreposis palmataF
129.2Desmodium canadenseL
130Liatris asperaF
131Potentilla argutaF
132Stipa sparteaC3
133.1Petalostemum villosumL
133.2Astragalus canadensisL
134.2bare groundBG
136Asclepias syriacaF
137Koeleria cristataC3
139Andropogon gerardiC4
140Lespedeza capitataL
141Achillea millefoliumF
142Rudbeckia serotinaF
143Penstemon grandiflorusF
144.1bare groundBG
144.2Agastache foeniculumF
145.1Petalostemum candidumL
145.2Aster ericoidesF
146.1Calamovilfa longifoliaC4
146.2Petalostemum villosumL
147Asclepias syriacaF
148Panicum virgatumC4
149Poa pratensisC3
150Potentilla argutaF
151Corylus americanusW
153Achillea millefoliumF
154Poa pratensisC3
155.1Petalostemum candidumL
155.2Calamovilfa longifoliaC4
156Agropyron repensC3
157Carex sp.S
158Schizachyrium scopariumC4
159Solidago speciosaF