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Methods for Experiment 080 -

Data logging

Prior to 5/14/2012 data logging was handled by a Campbell Scientific CR10X datalogger with a AM16/32 Multiplexor. After 5/14/2012 a Campbell Scientific CR1000 was used.


The following sensors have been used in the Cedar Creek weather station since 2005.

ParameterCampbell Part NumberDescription
precipitationTE525WS-L25Tip Bucket Rain Guage (25 ft cable)
soil temperature107-L10water/soil temp probe (10' cable)
radiationQ7-1-L50REBS Net radiometer (50 Ft Cable)
barometric pressureCS105Vaisala barometric pressure sensor
radiationLI190SB-L50quantum sensor (PAR) (50 Ft Cable)
RH and air tempHMP35CRH and air temp
Wind speed and direction3001Anemometer w/ vane