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Methods for Experiment 079 -

Transects and plots

Permanent transects were set up in fifteen wetlands in 1988. Transects vary from 25 to 85 meters depending on the size and type of wetland, and several larger sites have two transects. In most small wetlands the transect crossed the entire site. In the large sites, transect lines run from the upland margin inward for at least 25 m or until the pint where species comparison was relatively constant. Plots 1 x 1 m are located every 5 m along each transect. The first corner of each plot along the transect line is permanently marked; for example, the marker is placed at the 0 m marker for the first plot which runs from 0 t 1 meter along the transect line and 1 meter to the left of the transect line as it goes into the wetland.

pce079 - Plant species percent cover data

Percent Cover Sampling

For each plot, vegetation data, including species presence and visual estimates of percent cover were recorded during the last week of July. Species present but covering less than one percent are denoted by 0.1. "Outside" means the species covered but was not rooted in the plot. Nomenclature of vascular plants follows Ownbey and Moreley 1991.