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Methods for Experiment 013 -

Sampling: Ground Cover

The transects were divided into 10 x 10m quadrats. Inside each quadrat, a 1 x 1m plot was located using a pair of numbers from the list of random x, y coordinates. The random x, y coordinates were used to locate the corner of the plot closest to 0, 0. If the plot fell under a trunk (standing or fallen) the next set of random x, y coordinates are usee instead. Any pair of random x, y coordinates was used only once. All species present within the 1m x 1m plot were recorded. Four 1m x 1m ground cover plots were done in each 10m x 10m quadrat.

Sampling: Tip-ups

For each tip-up, the location was drawn on the map and the greatest height above ground level (highest dirt, not roots) and length (perpendicular to the trunk) were recorded.

Sampling: Trees

Trees were sampled in transects 10m x 50m. Within these transects the center of each tree and sapling was located (x, y coordinates). The position, diameter at breast height (dbh), damage category, and any other supplementary information was recorded. Trees and shrubs were drawn and numbered on the map. Damage categories are: 1. undamaged 2. tip-up: record approx. angle with ground and direction of fall 3. snap: record estimated height at which center of tree was snapped and whether the trunk was rotten or free of rot at the point of the snap 4. bent: record angle of the tree top 5. other tree fell on it: record # of other tree 6. none of the above: explain damage succinctly D. probably dead before storm-also include one of the number categories listed above

Vegetation Sampling Methods

This was sampled in 1983. All trees in the grids were mapped, measured (dbh) and assayed for damage (down, snapped, bent, etc.). All saplings were mapped if possible. Ground cover was quantified (presence/absence only) in 1m x 1m plots (one in each 10m x 10m subunit) randomly located within the subunit and permanently marked with rebar.