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Experiment 244 - Natural Enemies, Plant Diversity and Plant Community Composition

The purpose of this experiment is to determine the influences of natural enemies, including plant pathogenic fungi and insect pests, influence plant community composition, productivity, and diversity over time. The experiment is being conducted in a subset of plots within the Big Biodiversity field, including monoculture, 2-species, 4-species, 8-species, 16-species, and 32-species plots. There are 5 different treatments: foliar fungicide, soil drench fungicide, foliar insecticide, the combination of all pesticides, and nontreated control. The pesticides are applied repeatedly throughout the growing season. Within the plots, community productivity, species composition, percent cover, and pest damage are being quantified over time.

Methods for e244


Dataset IDTitleRange of Years (# years with data)
agae244Greenhouse test of pesticide effects on plant growth2015-2015 (1 year)
adte244Leaf carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus2011-2011 (1 year)
aete244Multispectral Radiometry percent reflectance2008-2019 (12 years)
ple244Plant aboveground biomass data2007-2020 (13 years)
pce244Plant species percent cover data2008-2020 (13 years)
roote244Root biomass data2009-2016 (8 years)