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Experiment 142 - Effects of Long Term Fertilization and Oak Canopy Cover on Plant Communities and Ecosystem Processes

In 1996 E142 was established in field D on top of the E004 macroplots. E004 was conducted in fields A, B, C and D by Dave Tilman. The purpose of E004 was to see what effect NH4NO3 addition has on large areas over a longer period of time with exposure to naturally-occurring levels of herbivory. The nutrient addition treatments in E004, E142 plots have been applied annually since 1982. These experiments, along with others at Cedar Creek, examine the community and ecosystem consequences of chronic nutrient loading.

Methods for e142


Dataset IDTitleRange of Years (# years with data)
adje142Canopy litter biomass1998-2019 (22 years)
adqe142Canopy litter biomass carbon and nitrogen2003-2006 (4 years)
agce142Greenhouse test of plant ecophysiological traits or responses to nitrogen2002-2002 (1 year)
adne142Herbaceous Vegetation Survey1999-2010 (4 years)
adle142Plant aboveground biomass1999-2002 (4 years)
adoe142Plant aboveground biomass carbon and nitrogen1999-2001 (3 years)
adme142Plant belowground biomass1999-2010 (10 years)
adpe142Plant belowground biomass carbon and nitrogen1999-2004 (4 years)
adke142Shrub survey2005-2010 (2 years)
adre142Soil carbon flux1999-2005 (7 years)
ague142Soil percent carbon and nitrogen2002-2002 (1 year)
adie142Tree survey2000-2010 (3 years)