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Experiment 133 - Effect of Burning Patterns on Vegetation in the Fish Lake Burn Compartments

This study examines the effects of long-term prescribed burning treatments on vegetation structure and composition, productivity, and nutrient cycling in upland oak savanna and woodland vegetation. The basis for the study is an ongoing, experimental prescribed burning program begun in 1964 at Cedar Creek, and a similar program operating since 1962 on the adjacent Helen Allison Savanna property (owned by The Nature Conservancy). These prescribed burning programs are designed to subject upland oak communities (and some old fields) to different burn frequencies and patterns of burning, with the ultimate objectives of 1) restoring and maintaining the historically important savanna and open woodland vegetation, and 2) providing information about the effects of different burning patterns on vegetation structure and composition. This study addresses the latter of these two purposes and expands on it by also investigating possible influences of fire on resource availability (nutrients, water, and light) and net primary productivity. This study represents a continuation and expansion of experiments 015 and 094.

Methods for e133


Dataset IDTitleRange of Years (# years with data)
afme133Aboveground plant tissue carbon and nitrogen1999-2001 (3 years)
afne133Annual oak leaf canopy litter percent carbon and nitrogen2003-2006 (4 years)
herbe133Herb Survey1984-2015 (8 years)
lite133Litter biomass1995-2017 (22 years)
lpe133Percent light penetration2000-2010 (2 years)
ple133Plant aboveground biomass data1999-2002 (4 years)
dse133Plant density1984-1984 (1 year)
aafe133Plant traits2005-2005 (1 year)
aeqe133Plant traits SLA CN percent cover2004-2005 (2 years)
rbe133Root biomass data1999-2010 (10 years)
rie133Root ingrowth biomass1999-2007 (9 years)
afle133Root tissue carbon and nitrogen1999-2004 (4 years)
sape133Sapling survey2000-2015 (4 years)
shrube133Shrub Survey1995-2015 (5 years)
cae133Soil Calcium2002-2002 (1 year)
bde133Soil bulk density2002-2002 (1 year)
scfe133Soil carbon flux1999-2005 (7 years)
mge133Soil magnesium2002-2002 (1 year)
hoe133Soil moisture1999-2002 (4 years)
agde133Soil net N mineralization over five incubation periods1995-1995 (1 year)
ne133Soil nitrogen1984-1984 (1 year)
phe133Soil pH1999-2004 (6 years)
agee133Soil percent carbon and nitrogen2002-2002 (1 year)
care133Soil percent organic matter1984-1984 (1 year)
afoe133Soil phosphorous2002-2002 (1 year)
ke133Soil potassium2002-2002 (1 year)
nae133Soil sodium2002-2002 (1 year)
tree133Tree survey1984-2010 (6 years)