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Experiment 098 - Fire X Nitrogen: Interactive Effects in a Prairie-Like Grassland

This experiment was established on top of E002 in field B. In the spring of 1992, 3 randomly chosen replicates of each nutrient treatment of experiment E002 were chosen to be burned each spring. For a description of these plots, see E002. For a list of treatments, see the treatment layouts in file trmte98.

Methods for e098


Dataset IDTitleRange of Years (# years with data)
nle098Litter carbon and nitrogen2009-2009 (1 year)
lpe098Percent light penetration1982-1990 (9 years)
ple098Plant aboveground biomass data1982-2011 (22 years)
rbe098Root biomass data1988-2009 (5 years)
nre098Root carbon/nitrogen data2009-2009 (1 year)
mse098Small mammal abundance1982-1985 (4 years)
cae098Soil Calcium1982-1982 (1 year)
care098Soil carbon1982-2009 (3 years)
mge098Soil magnesium1982-1982 (1 year)
nohe098Soil nitrate and ammonium1989-1994 (4 years)
ne098Soil nitrogen1982-2009 (4 years)
phe098Soil pH1982-1990 (5 years)