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Experiment 054 - Old-Field Chronosequence: Plant Productivity

The goal of this research is to study the change in plant growth and species distribution during succession. Annual plant growth above ground is annually sampled in more than 20 fields from 4 permanently marked 3m x 4m plots in each field. These fields were previously cultivated, but then abandoned from agriculture at various times in the past. The fields were left undisturbed for plants to develop from seeds within the soil or brought into the fields by wind or animals. The fields included in this study are 4, 5, 10, 24, 26, 28, 35, 39, 41, 45, 53, 70, 72, 77 and the Lawrence strip that was abandoned in 1988. This experiment was started in 1987 by lead investigators David Tilman and Johannes Knops. In 2001 new sampling was started in positions similar to the E054 plots in these E014 fields: 21, 27, 32, 40, 44, 47, 76.

Past work at CDR and elsewhere has demonstrated an overriding influence of fire frequency in maintaining prairie openings and oak savanna at the prairie-forest border. Fire regimes harm some types of species while favoring others and drive light and nutrient dynamics, which in turn drive community functional attributes and diversity levels. Ultimately, fire frequency interacts with climate, N deposition, land use, and biotic invasion to determine the outcomes of tree-grass interactions and the dynamics of vegetation at ecotones such as the prairie-forest border in Minnesota.

In 2006 each field was divided in half, and one half randomly chosen for periodic prescribed burning (a fire every other year). We anticipate that the burned half will continue succession to prairie grassland while the unburned half will become white pine stands if seed sources are nearby, or will otherwise undergo extremely slow succession to oaks.

Methods for e054


Dataset IDTitleRange of Years (# years with data)
aise054Aboveground biomass carbon and nitrogen2014-2014 (1 year)
ple054Plant aboveground biomass data1988-2020 (33 years)
aiue054Root biomass carbon and nitrogen2001-2014 (2 years)
aite054Soil carbon and nitrogen2001-2014 (2 years)
nohe054Soil nitrate and ammonium1991-1991 (1 year)

Compiled data is also available in these pre-formatted files.

Compiled Biomass and Soil Data
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