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Experiment 013 - Blowdown Survey (BLDWN)

The purpose of this experiment is to study the results of a major blowdown that occurred in 1983. The survey is located in field A just past the turnoff to the Cornea Cabin and field B behind the E007 deer exclosures. Six plots were set up side by side in field B and 5 plots were set up side by side in field A. The plots are 50 meters long and 10 meters wide. Each plot is divided into 10 by 10 meter sections. Within each section four, 1 by 1 meter quadrats were randomly assigned. The coordinate locating the quadrat and the diagonal corner of the quadrat is permanently marked with rebar. All trees in the grids will be mapped, measured (dbh) and assayed for damage (down, snapped, bent, etc.). All saplings will be mapped if possible. Ground cover will be sampled (presence/absence only) in 1m x 1m plots (one in each 10 x 10m subunit) randomly located within the subunit and permanently marked with rebar.

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