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Experiment 012 - Effect of Fire Frequency on Grassland Vegetation and Soils

The purpose of this experiment, begun in 1983 by Johannes Knops, is to determine what effect different fire frequencies have on grassland vegetation. This experiment is being conducted in field B. There are 4 different burn treatments:

1. plots burned every year
2. plots burned every other year
3. controls which are not burned
4. plots burned every fourth year

There are 6 replicates of each treatment which were randomly assigned to the 24 plots. Plots are 8 by 8 meters and are placed in a 3 by 8 grid with 2 meter walkways. Plots are marked with colored rebar at each corner.

Methods for e012


Dataset IDTitleRange of Years (# years with data)
lpe012Percent light penetration1987-1990 (3 years)
adxe012Plant aboveground biomass carbon and nitrogen2000-2010 (2 years)
ple012Plant aboveground biomass data1983-2010 (5 years)
pce012Plant species percent cover data2000-2000 (1 year)
adve012Root biomass2000-2010 (2 years)
adwe012Root carbon and nitrogen2000-2010 (2 years)
aeae012Soil Nitrogen Cycling2010-2010 (1 year)
adye012Soil bulk density2000-2010 (2 years)
adze012Soil carbon and nitrogen2000-2010 (2 years)
nohe012Soil nitrate and ammonium1987-1987 (1 year)

Compiled data is also available in these pre-formatted files.

Compiled Effect of fire frequency on prairie
Descriptions of Data FieldsTABJMPEXCEL