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Experiment 011 - Effects of Nitrogen on Vegetation Under Herbivore Pressure

The purpose of this experiment is to measure the effect of NH4NO3 addition on vegetation under herbivore pressure. This experiment is located in fields A, B, and C. There are 3 treatments, 2 nitrogen levels and a control. The treatments are E, G, and I as defined in fertilization details under the "microplot" category. There are 16 reps of the 3 treatments for a total of 48 plots in each field. Treatments are randomly assigned to the plots. The plots are 4 by 4 meters and are laid out in a 6 by 8 grid with 1 meter aisles. For a list of treatments, /see the treatment layouts in files trmte11. In 1987, experiment E053 was established on top of E011 in field C. For a list of treatments, see E053. Also is 1992, experiment (Walt Carson's) was established on top of E011 in field C. In the spring of 1992, experiment E100 was established on top of E011, in fields A, and B. For a list of treatments, see the treatment layouts in file trmte100.

Methods for e011


Dataset IDTitleRange of Years (# years with data)
avne011Average soil nitrogen1985-1985 (1 year)
gme011Gopher mounds1983-1984 (2 years)
hce011Grasshopper data1983-1983 (1 year)
hse011Grasshopper individual characteristics1984-1984 (1 year)
lpe011Percent light penetration1984-1990 (3 years)
ple011Plant aboveground biomass data1984-1992 (5 years)
ne011Soil nitrogen1985-1985 (1 year)