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Experiment 009 - Effect of N Addition on Vegetation With Mammalian Herbivory Initially on Disked Ground

This experiment is identical to E008 except the ground was disked thoroughly before the plots were laid out. From 1989-1994, plots with fertilizer treatment 1 were treated as complete controls (treatment 9), receiving no nutrients at all.

Methods for e009


Dataset IDTitleRange of Years (# years with data)
gme009Gopher mounds1983-1985 (3 years)
hce009Grasshopper data1983-1983 (1 year)
hse009Grasshopper individual characteristics1984-1984 (1 year)
lpe009Percent light penetration1983-1983 (1 year)
ple009Plant aboveground biomass data1983-1985 (2 years)
mse009Small mammal abundance1983-1984 (2 years)
ne009Soil nitrogen1983-1983 (1 year)