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Experiment 008 - Effect of N Addition on Vegetation with Mammalian Herbivory

The purpose of this experiment is to look at the effect of NH4NO3 addition in an unfenced area. The experiment is located in field E. There are 4 different treatments C, F, H, and I as defined in fertilization details in the "microplot" strategy. The plots are 4 by 4 meters and are laid out in an 8 by 8 grid with 1 meter aisles. From 1989-1994 plots with fertilizer treatment 1 were treated as complete controls, receiving no nutrients at all.

Methods for e008


Dataset IDTitleRange of Years (# years with data)
avne008Average soil nitrogen1985-1985 (1 year)
gme008Gopher mounds1983-1985 (3 years)
hce008Grasshopper data1983-1983 (1 year)
hse008Grasshopper individual characteristics1984-1984 (1 year)
lpe008Percent light penetration1983-1986 (2 years)
ple008Plant aboveground biomass data1983-1986 (3 years)
mse008Small mammal abundance1983-1984 (2 years)
nhe008Soil ammonium1986-1986 (1 year)
noe008Soil nitrate1986-1986 (1 year)
ne008Soil nitrogen1983-1985 (2 years)