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Experiment 004 - Effects of Nitrogen Addition on Large Areas Over a Long Period of Time With Natural Herbivore Levels

This experiment is being conducted in fields A, B, C and D. The purpose of this experiment is to see what effect NH4NO3 addition has on large areas over a longer period of time with exposure to naturally-occurring levels of herbivory. Three different treatment levels are used, two different nitrogen levels and a control. They are treatments E, G, and I as defined in fertilization details in the "microplot" strategy (E001 & E002). In fields A, B and D, 10 macroplots were laid out and nine were selected for the experiment. The nine macroplots are separated into 3 replicates of the 3 treatment levels. In field C, 6 macroplots were laid out giving 2 replicates of the three treatment levels. Each macroplot is 20 meters by 50 meters and is divided into 5 sections, each section is 10 meters x 20 meters.

Methods for e004


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