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Effect of Burning patterns on Vegetation in the Fish Lake Burn Compartments - Experiment 015

Tree data

Years Available: 1984

Principle Investigators

Tester, John
Tilman, David
Inouye, Richard
Faber-Langendoen, Don

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1CC Burn UnitCedar Creek burn unit number
2Burn compartmentBurn Compartment number (1984 equivalent to CC Burn Unit)
3BurnFreq(burns/year)Burn Treatment Frequencydimensionless
4Section numberSection number
5Sampling date (YYMMDD)Sampling date
7Diameter at breast heightDiameter at breast heightcentimeter
8Tree status (0=alive, 1=dead)Tree status (0=alive, 1=dead)0=alive, 1=dead


CC Burn UnitBurn compartment BurnFreq(burns/year)Section numberSampling date (YYMMDD)SpeciesNameDiameter at breast heightTree status (0=alive, 1=dead)
10113 of 56840911Quercus borealis260
10113 of 56840911Misc261
10113 of 56840911Quercus borealis160
10113 of 56840911Quercus borealis27.50
10113 of 56840911Quercus borealis330
10113 of 56840911Quercus borealis330
10113 of 56840911Quercus borealis280
10113 of 56840911Quercus borealis12.50
10113 of 56840911Quercus borealis350
10113 of 55840911Quercus borealis211
10113 of 51840911Quercus borealis230
10113 of 55840911Quercus borealis13.51

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Effect of Burning patterns on Vegetation in the Fish Lake Burn Compartments: Tree data

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