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Effect of Burning patterns on Vegetation in the Fish Lake Burn Compartments - Experiment 015

Shrub data

Years Available: 1984

Principle Investigators

Tester, John
Tilman, David
Inouye, Richard
Faber-Langendoen, Don

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1CC Burn UnitCedar Creek burn unit number
2Burn compartmentBurn Compartment number (1984 equivalent to CC Burn Unit)
3BurnFreq(burns/year)Burn Treatment Frequency
5Distance along transect (m)Distance along transect in metersmeter
6QuarterQuarter identifier
7Sampling date (YYMMDD)Sampling date
9Distance from point to first shrub in that quarter(cm)Distance from point to first shrub in that quarter(cm)centimeter


CC Burn UnitBurn compartmentBurnFreq(burns/year)TransectDistance along transect (m)QuarterSampling date (YYMMDD)SpeciesNameDistance from point to first shrub in that quarter(cm)
10113 of 52302840907Parthenocissus inserta188
10113 of 5203840907Rubus sp171
10113 of 5204840907Corylus americanus497
10113 of 52101840907Parthenocissus inserta120
10113 of 52102840907Parthenocissus inserta337
10113 of 52103840907Parthenocissus inserta140
10113 of 52104840907Parthenocissus inserta149
10113 of 52201840907Parthenocissus inserta345
10113 of 52202840907Corylus americanus232
10113 of 52203840907Parthenocissus inserta312
10113 of 5102840907Rubus sp173
10113 of 52301840907Corylus americanus210

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Effect of Burning patterns on Vegetation in the Fish Lake Burn Compartments: Shrub data

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