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Traits: Biomass Allocation Trends in Old Field in Relation to Gradients of Succesional Age and Soil Nitrogen - Experiment 042

Plant biomass allocation

Years Available: 1987

Principle Investigators

Gleeson, Scott
Tilman, David

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1Experiment numberExperiment number
2Sampling yearSampling year (YYYY)
3Sampling monthMonth sample was collected (MM)
4Sampling day Day of month sample was collected (DD)
5Old Field designatorCCESR Old Field identification number
6 e042 Location notesSpatial notation on collection of samples
7AgePost abandonment age of field at time samples were collected
8Year AbandonedIntitial year field was no longer used for agriculture
9SpeciesSpecies name
10Plant height (cm)Plant height (cm)centimeter
11Total biomass (g/plant)Total biomass (g/plant)gram
12Leaf biomass (g/plant)Leaf biomass (g/plant)gram
13Stem biomass (g/plant)Stem biomass (g/plant)gram
14Root biomass (g/plant)Root biomass (g/plant)gram
15Reproductive biomass (g/plant)Reproductive biomass (g/plant)gram


Experiment numberSampling yearSampling monthSampling day Old Field designator e042 Location notesAgeYear AbandonedSpeciesPlant height (cm)Total biomass (g/plant)Leaf biomass (g/plant)Stem biomass (g/plant)Root biomass (g/plant)Reproductive biomass (g/plant)
4219877640Edge of field151972Achillea millefolium(lanulosa)393.1391.7330.5790.5910.215
4219877448Edge of field201967Achillea millefolium(lanulosa)562.6340.5540.9720.5280.573
4219877448Edge of field201967Achillea millefolium(lanulosa)442.3680.9850.6130.430.324
4219877448Edge of field201967Achillea millefolium(lanulosa)441.4040.1710.5770.1550.482
4219877448Edge of field201967Achillea millefolium(lanulosa)502.5130.2391.0550.3590.84
4219877448Edge of field201967Achillea millefolium(lanulosa)412.2960.9420.5060.4450.374
4219877170Edge of field321955Achillea millefolium(lanulosa)5612.5513.6554.6181.982.207
42198781844251962Agropyron repens333.6660.6650.9862.0230
42198781844251962Agropyron repens386.3691.2352.1632.9310
42198781844251962Agropyron repens311.9080.3440.5960.9570
42198781844251962Agropyron repens301.570.1630.4210.9860
42198781844251962Agropyron repens240.6570.1780.1680.3120

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Traits: Biomass Allocation Trends in Old Field in Relation to Gradients of Succesional Age and Soil Nitrogen: Plant biomass allocation

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