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BioCON : Biodiversity, Elevated CO2, and N Enrichment - Experiment 141

Root biomass data

Years Available: 1998 - 2020

Principle Investigators

Reich, Peter
Hobbie, Sarah
Montgomery, Rebecca

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1Sampling #Sampling #
5CO2 TreatmentCedar Creek CO2 TreatmentCenriched = 564ppm, Camb = ambient Carbon
6Nitrogen TreatmentCedar Creek Nitrogen TreatmentNenrich= 4g NH4NO3 per MeterSquared per year, Namb = Ambient Nitrogen
7CountOfSpeciesCount Of Speciesdimensionless
8CountOfGroupCount of functional Groupsdimensionless
9ExperimentExperiment DesignM = Part of Main experimental design, S = Part of a Subexperiment
10monospeciesSingular Species of Plot
11MonogroupSingular Functional Group of Plot
12Water Treatment Water Treatment H2Oneg=rain removal treament via portable rain shelters, H2Oamb=natural rain fall
13Temp Treatment Temperature Treatment HTelv=above and below ground warming treatment, HTamb=ambient temperature
14DepthDepth range in cM
15Sub SampleRoot Type
16Mass (g/m2)Mass (g/m2)gramsPerMeterSquared


Sampling #DatePlotRingCO2 TreatmentNitrogen TreatmentCountOfSpeciesCountOfGroupExperimentmonospeciesMonogroupWater Treatment Temp Treatment DepthSub SampleMass (g/m2)
106/22/199811CenrichNamb42M 0-20Coarse161.250
106/22/199811CenrichNamb42M 0-20Crowns0.000
106/22/199811CenrichNamb42M 0-20Fine1530.260
106/22/199821CenrichNamb11MBouteloua gracilisC-4 0-20Coarse0.000
106/22/199821CenrichNamb11MBouteloua gracilisC-4 0-20Crowns26.330
106/22/199821CenrichNamb11MBouteloua gracilisC-4 0-20Fine19.750
106/22/199821CenrichNamb11MBouteloua gracilisC-4 0-20Fine64.170
106/22/199821CenrichNamb11MBouteloua gracilisC-4 0-20Fine464.010
106/22/199831CenrichNenrich41S Legume 0-20Coarse26.330
106/22/199831CenrichNenrich41S Legume 0-20Crowns8.230
106/22/199831CenrichNenrich41S Legume 0-20Fine391.610
106/22/199841CenrichNamb43M 0-20Coarse325.800

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BioCON : Biodiversity, Elevated CO2, and N Enrichment : Root biomass data

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