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Plant Competition Under Different Nitrogen Levels:A Garden Experiment - Experiment 055

Reproductive biomass

Years Available: 1989 - 1993

Principle Investigators

Tilman, David

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1FieldField designator
2ExperimentExperiment number
3Plot Plot number
4Subplot Subplot number
5N Level TreatmentSoil mixture Nitrogen level treatment
6Soil Remove (in)Inches of soil removed as part of Nitrogen treatment processinch
7Black Dirt Added (in)Inches of soil added as part of Nitrogen treatment processinch
8Competition TreatmentCompetition Treament number
9Competition Species Percentage Species code followed by percentage of this species seeds of the total number of seeds planted.
10BiomassBiomass (g/sample)gramsPerSample
12Date sampledDate sampled (YYMMDD)
13YearYear sampled
14MonthMonth sampled
15DayDay sampled


FieldExperimentPlotSubplotN Level TreatmentSoil Remove (in)Black Dirt Added (in)Competition TreatmentCompetition Species PercentageBiomassSpeciesDate sampledYearMonthDay
E551140212PV30BG700.04Bouteloua gracilis89082219890822
E551740218AS30BG700.2Bouteloua gracilis89082219890822
E55194024BG1000.05Bouteloua gracilis89082219890822
E5512240221AG30BG700.01Bouteloua gracilis89082219890822
E5512340219AS70BG300.03Bouteloua gracilis89082219890822
E55217454BG1000.08Bouteloua gracilis89082219890822
E552274521AG30BG700.1Bouteloua gracilis89082219890822
E552474519AS70BG300.42Bouteloua gracilis89082219890822
E552874516SS30BG700.11Bouteloua gracilis89082219890822
E552974517SS70BG300.05Bouteloua gracilis89082219890822
E5521174512PV30BG700.25Bouteloua gracilis89082219890822
E5521474518AS30BG700.02Bouteloua gracilis89082219890822

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Plant Competition Under Different Nitrogen Levels:A Garden Experiment: Reproductive biomass

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