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BAC: Biodiversity and Climate - Experiment 249

Plant aboveground biomass data

Years Available: 2007 - 2015

Principle Investigators

Tilman, David
Powers, Jennifer
McFadden, Joe

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2Sample DateSample Date
3PlotPlot Identifier
4Heat TreatmentHeat Treatment
6Mass (g/m2)Mass (g/m2)gramsPerSquareMeter


YearSample DatePlotHeat TreatmentSpeciesMass (g/m2)
20078/22/2007 0:0029ControlUnsorted biomass150.53
20078/24/2007 0:0029HighAchillea millefolium(lanulosa)0.13
20078/24/2007 0:0029HighAgropyron repens3.6
20078/24/2007 0:0029HighAristida basiramea9.77
20078/24/2007 0:0029HighCrepis tectorum1.43
20078/24/2007 0:0029HighCyperus sp.0.53
20078/23/2007 0:0029HighEuphorbia glyptosperma0.05
20078/24/2007 0:0029HighLespedeza capitata139.9
20078/21/2007 0:0029LowAchillea millefolium(lanulosa)0.6
20078/21/2007 0:0029LowAgropyron repens1.1
20078/21/2007 0:0029LowAristida basiramea4.9
20078/21/2007 0:0029LowCrepis tectorum0.87

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BAC: Biodiversity and Climate: Plant aboveground biomass data

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