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Interactive Effects of Fertility and Distribution on Plant Community Diversity and Structure - Experiment 052

Plant aboveground biomass data

Years Available: 1988 - 1994

Principle Investigators

Wilson, Scott
Tilman, David

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1Field number/letterField number/letter
2Experiment numberExperiment number
3Sampling YearSampling Year (YYYY)
4Sampling date (YYMMDD)Sampling date (YYMMDD)
6Nitrogen TreatmentNitrogen fertilizer treatment applied twice per year 1=0.0 g/m2, 3=3.0 g/m2, 6=14.0 g/m2, 7=25.0 g/m2
7Ammonium Nitrate(34-0-0) addition(g/m2/yr)Total annual fertilizer addition gramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
8Annual Nitrogen addition (g/m2/yr)(Fertilizer 0.34%N) x (Nitrogen Treatment(g/m2)) x (2 times/year)gramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
9Soil Disturbance TreatmentSoil Disturbance Treatment1=undisturbed, 2=1 pass rear-tined rototiller set to till to a depth of 9 inches, 3=2 passes or number required to produce about 50% bare ground, 4=3 passes or number required to produce 100% bare ground.
10SpeciesSpecies sorted from plot aboveground clip strip
11Biomass (g/m2)Biomass (g/m2)gramsPerSquareMeter
12LeavesLeaf biomass sorted from clip strip biomass (g/m2)gramsPerSquareMeter
13StemsStem biomass sorted from clip strip biomass (g/m2)gramsPerSquareMeter
14FruitsFruit biomass sorted from clip strip biomass (g/m2)gramsPerSquareMeter


Field number/letterExperiment numberSampling YearSampling date (YYMMDD)PlotNitrogen TreatmentAmmonium Nitrate(34-0-0) addition(g/m2/yr)Annual Nitrogen addition (g/m2/yr)Soil Disturbance TreatmentSpeciesBiomass (g/m2)LeavesStemsFruits
B52198813622Miscellaneous litter2.3
B52198813622Miscellaneous sp.19.1
B5219882750174Miscellaneous litter6.4
B5219882750174Miscellaneous sp.200.9
B52198836289.52Miscellaneous litter14.1
B52198836289.52Miscellaneous sp.119.9
B5219884750174Miscellaneous litter0.5
B5219884750174Miscellaneous sp.50.5
B52198851001Miscellaneous litter32.9
B52198851001Miscellaneous sp.62.2
B52198861001Miscellaneous litter93.4
B52198861001Miscellaneous sp.55.3

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Interactive Effects of Fertility and Distribution on Plant Community Diversity and Structure: Plant aboveground biomass data

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