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Herbivore Effects on a Large, Unmanipulated Area - Experiment 010

Plant aboveground biomass data

Years Available: 1983 - 1986

Principle Investigators

Huntly, Nancy
Inouye, Richard

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1Field number/letterField number/letter
2Experiment numberExperiment number
3Plot numberPlot number
4Treatment codeNitrogen treatment applied twice per year9=no nutrients added
5nitrogen fertilizer addition (g /m2/yr)Total annual nitrogen fertilizer additiongramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
6Sampling date (YYMMDD)Sampling date (YYMMDD)
7Species NameSpecies Name
8Minimum plant height (cm)Minimum plant height (cm)centimeter
9Median plant height (cm)Median plant height (cm)centimeter
10Maximum plant height (cm)Maximum plant height (cm)centimeter
11Species Biomass (g/m2)Species Biomass (g/m2)gramsPerMeterSquared
12Species proportion of total biomassSpecies proportion of total biomassdimensionless


Field number/letterExperiment numberPlot numberTreatment codenitrogen fertilizer addition (g/m2/yr)Sampling date (YYMMDD)Species nameMinimum plant height (cm)Median plant height (cm)Maximum plant height (cm)Species Biomass (g/m2)Species proportion of total biomass
E10190830720Miscellaneous litter00042.8670
E10190830720Agrostis scabra8543752.4330.8671
E10190830720Aristida basiramea413.5102.3330.0386
E10190830720Ambrosia artemisifolia elatior1.
E10190830720Crepis tectorum1919190.30.005
E10190830720Erigeron canadensis34.540.2330.0039
E10190830720Polygonum convolvulus343.50.1330.0022
E10190830720Polygonum tenue211.5104.90.081
E10490830720Miscellaneous litter0007.9330
E10490830720Agrostis scabra4603823.7330.6166
E10490830720Eragrostis spectabilis6.522.58.52.2670.0589
E10490830720Aristida basiramea6119.50.3670.0095

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Herbivore Effects on a Large, Unmanipulated Area : Plant aboveground biomass data

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