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Effect of N Addition on Vegetation With Mammalian Herbivory Initially on Disked Ground - Experiment 009

Plant aboveground biomass data

Years Available: 1983 - 1985

Principle Investigators

Huntly, Nancy
Inouye, Richard

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1Field number/letterField number/letter
2Experiment numberExperiment number
3Plot numberPlot number
4Nitrogen TreatmentNitrogen treatment applied twice per year3=3.0 g/m2; 6=14.0 g/m2; 8=40.0 g/m2; 1=no nutrients added
5Ammonium Nitrate(34-0-0) addition(g/m2/yr)Total annual nitrogen fertilizer additiongramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
6Sampling date (YYMMDD)Sampling date (YYMMDD)
7Species NameSpecies Name
8Minimum plant height (cm)Minimum plant height (cm)centimeter
9Maximum plant height (cm)Maximum plant height (cm)centimeter
10Median plant height (cm)Median plant height (cm)centimeter
11Species Biomass (g/m2)Species Biomass (g/m2)gramsPerMeterSquared
12Species proportion of total biomassSpecies proportion of total biomassdimensionless


Field number/letterExperiment numberPlot numberNitrogen TreatmentAmmonium Nitrate(34-0-0) addition(g/m2/yr)Sampling date (YYMMDD)Species nameMinimum plant height (cm)Maximum plant height (cm)Median plant height (cm)Species Biomass (g/m2)Species proportion of total biomass
E9136830718Agropyron repens10402018.0330.0994
E9136830718Agrostis scabra930131.4330.0079
E9136830718Ambrosia artemisifolia elatior3.5372665.80.3627
E9136830718Aristida basiramea5.518140.1670.0009
E9136830718Crepis tectorum24.55740.510.4670.0577
E9136830718Miscellaneous litter0006.3330
E9136830718Polygonum convolvulus5512078.30.4316
E9136830718Setaria lutescens (glauca)229137.20.0397
E92880830718Agropyron repens74330171.3330.5256
E92880830718Agrostis scabra3030300.2670.0008
E92880830718Ambrosia artemisifolia elatior9413340.40.1239
E92880830718Cenchrus longispinus16.542263.5330.0108

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Effect of N Addition on Vegetation With Mammalian Herbivory Initially on Disked Ground: Plant aboveground biomass data

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