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Effect of Herbivores on Vegetation Treated with Different N Levels and the Effect of N Addition on Herbivore Populations. - Experiment 005

Plant aboveground biomass data

Years Available: 1984 - 1985

Principle Investigators

Huntly, Nancy
Inouye, Richard

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1FieldField ID
2ExperimentExperiment number
3Plot Plot number
4Fence treatmentFence treatment1=All excluded,2=Voles excluded,3=Foliage-feeding insects excluded,4=Gophers excluded,5=Fenced control,6=Control-no treatment,7=Below-ground invertebrates excluded,8=Control-no treatment
5Nitrogen TreatmentNitrogen Treatment Identification (1 through 9)1=0.0 g/m2 0 ml, 2=1.5 g/m2 25 ml, 3=3.0 g/m2 50 ml,4=5.0 g/m2 90 ml, 5=8.0 g/m2 140 ml, 6=14.0 g/m2 250 ml, 7=25.0 g/m2 445 ml, 8=40.0 g/m2 710 ml, 9=0.0 g/m2 0 ml
6Nitrogen AdditionAmmonium Nitrate (34-0-0) addition (g/m2/yr)gramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
8DateSampling date (YYMMDD)
9Species TaxonCedar Creek Taxon ID
10Species NameSpecies Name
11Maximum plant height Minimum plant height (cm)centimeter
12Median plant height Median plant height (cm)centimeter
13Species Biomass Species Biomass (g/m2)gramsPerMeterSquared
14Species proportion of total biomassSpecies proportion of total biomass per plotdimensionless


FieldExperimentPlotFence treatmentNitrogen TreatmentNitrogen AdditionYearDateSpecies TaxonSpecies NameMaximum plant height Median plant height Species Biomass Species proportion of total biomass
A5119019848407202CLADONIA & LICHENS54.1330
A51190198484072099MISCELLANEOUS LITTER311.60
A511901984840720100AGROPYRON REPENS65.238.477.7330.5459
A511901984840720101AGROSTIS SCABRA58.
A511901984840720231CYPERUS SP.19.417.80.30.0021
A511901984840720501ACHILLEA MILLEFOLIUM(LANULOSA)1710.41.1170.0078
A511901984840720503AMBROSIA ARTEMISIIFOLIA ELATIOR13.45.40.5830.0041
A511901984840720513BERTEROA INCANA56.113.524.8330.1744
A511901984840720521ERIGERON CANADENSIS17.74.60.6330.0044
A511901984840720522ERIGERON STRIGOSUS7.14.80.7570.0053
A511901984840720526FRAGARIA VIRGINIANA3.33.30.0530.0004

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Effect of Herbivores on Vegetation Treated with Different N Levels and the Effect of N Addition on Herbivore Populations.: Plant aboveground biomass data

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