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Long-Term Nitrogen Deposition During Grassland Succession - Experiment 002

Plant aboveground biomass data

Years Available: 1982 - 2019

Principle Investigators

Tilman, David

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1Sampling date(mm/dd/yyyy)Sampling date(mm/dd/yyyy)
2FieldField Identifier
3Experiment numberExperiment number Identifier
4plot numberplot number identifier
5NtrtNitrogen Treatment Identification (1 through 9)1=0.0 g/m2 0 ml, 2=1.5 g/m2 25 ml, 3=3.0 g/m2 50 ml,4=5.0 g/m2 90 ml, 5=8.0 g/m2 140 ml, 6=14.0 g/m2 250 ml, 7=25.0 g/m2 445 ml, 8=40.0 g/m2 710 ml, 9=0.0 g/m2 0 ml
6NAdd(g/m2/yr)Nitrogen Added (g/m2/yr)gramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
7BurnTrtBurn Treatment0= not burned, 1 = burned
8Species NameSpecies Name
9Species Biomass (g/m2)Species Biomass (g/m2)gramsPerSquareMeter
10Maximum plant height (cm)Maximum plant height (cm)centimeter
11Median plant height (cm)Median plant height (cm)centimeter
12SubplotSubplot within the whole plot.
13LastYrNtrtRecThe last year in which the Nitrogen treatment was applied to the subplot
14FencingTrtDid plots have fencing to exclude large herbivores?1=Yes, 0=No


Sampling date(mm/dd/yyyy)FieldExperiment numberplot numberNtrtNAdd(g/m2/yr)BurnTrtSpecies NameSpecies Biomass (g/m2)Maximum plant height (cm)Median plant height (cm)SubplotLastYrNtrtRecFencingTrt
8/4/1982A215160Achillea millefolium(lanulosa)1.833-2-2Whole19821
8/4/1982A215160Agropyron repens110.5337746Whole19821
8/4/1982A215160Ambrosia coronopifolia163.3338564Whole19821
8/4/1982A215160Euphorbia glyptosperma0.1175.55.5Whole19821
8/4/1982A215160Miscellaneous litter0-3-3Whole19821
8/4/1982A215160Polygonum convolvulus23.467-2-2Whole19821
8/4/1982A22900Agropyron repens65.4675936Whole19821
8/4/1982A22900Ambrosia coronopifolia52.7336742Whole19821
8/4/1982A22900Berteroa incana37.96753Whole19821
8/4/1982A22900Euphorbia (supina)0.573-2-2Whole19821
8/4/1982A22900Miscellaneous litter0-3-3Whole19821
8/4/1982A22900Mollugo verticillata0.24-2-2Whole19821

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Long-Term Nitrogen Deposition During Grassland Succession: Plant aboveground biomass data

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