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Addition of Schizachyrium scoparium Seeds to the Lawrence Strips - Experiment 115

Plant species percent cover data

Years Available: 1994 - 1999

Principle Investigators

Tilman, David

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1Field number/letterField number/letter
2Experiment numberExperiment number
3Sampling yearSampling year
4Plot numberPlot number
5TreatmentTreatmentA=Control, B=Addition of 0.333g of Schizacharium soparium, C=Addition of 1.0g of Schizacharium soparium, D=Addition of 3.0g of Schizacharium soparium, E=Addition of 9.0g of Schizacharium soparium, F=Addition of 27.0g of Schizacharium soparium, G=Addition of 81.0g of Schizacharium soparium, H=Addition of 729.0g of Schizacharium soparium
6Sampling numberSampling number
7Gopher mound Presence of Gopher Mounds1=Present,0=Not present
8Species NameSpecies Name
9Absolute % coverAbsolute % coverdimensionless
10Relative % coverRelative % coverdimensionless
11Sampling dateSampling date


Field number/letterExperiment numberSampling yearPlot numberTreatmentSampling numberGopher mound Species NameAbsolute % coverRelative % coverSampling dateCrewinitQuadrat
4611519941F10Agropyron repens20.0321308/01/1994tcd drc
4611519941F10Ambrosia artemisiifolia elatior50.0803208/01/1994tcd drc
4611519941F10Bare ground22.75008/01/1994tcd drc
4611519941F10Berteroa incana60.0963908/01/1994tcd drc
4611519941F10Digitaria ischaemum150.2409608/01/1994tcd drc
4611519941F10Erigeron canadensis40.0642608/01/1994tcd drc
4611519941F10Miscellaneous litter15008/01/1994tcd drc
4611519941F10Polygonum convolvulus0.250.0040208/01/1994tcd drc
4611519941F10Schizachyrium scoparium300.4819308/01/1994tcd drc
4611519942D10Agropyron repens30.0332408/01/1994tcd drc
4611519942D10Ambrosia artemisiifolia elatior150.166208/01/1994tcd drc
4611519942D10Bare ground4.75008/01/1994tcd drc

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Addition of Schizachyrium scoparium Seeds to the Lawrence Strips : Plant species percent cover data

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