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Soil Heterogeneity and Plant Diversity in an Oak Savanna - Experiment 093

Plant species percent cover data

Years Available: 1991 - 2008

Principle Investigators

Tilman, David

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Environmental Data Initiative data package

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1ExperimentCedar Creek experiment identifier
2FieldCedar Creek field identifier
3YearYear of measurement
4Plot Plot number
5TreatmentSeed planting treatment
5SectionSection number within plot
7Number of SpeciesNumber of species seeded into plot sectionnumber
8DateDate of measurement
9Data TypePercent cover type
10USDA LCDUSDA plant species authority - lowest common denominator
11Standardized Proportion Cover AllPlot level proportion cover data scaled to 1dimensionless
12NotesInformation related to measurements. These sometimes include codes to differentiate between different species that were listed as the same category in the USDA LCD field


ExperimentFieldYearPlotSectionTreatmentNumber of SpeciesDateData TypeUSDA LCDStandardized Proportion Cover AllNotes
e093D1991112508/27/1991AbsoluteCoverAmbrosia psilostachya0.025
e093D1991112508/27/1991AbsoluteCoverAndropogon gerardii0.0025
e093D1991112508/27/1991AbsoluteCoverAnemone cylindrica0.000625
e093D1991112508/27/1991AbsoluteCoverComandra umbellata0.00625
e093D1991112508/27/1991AbsoluteCoverCyperus sp.0.0125
e093D1991112508/27/1991AbsoluteCoverDichanthelium oligosanthes0.0325
e093D1991112508/27/1991AbsoluteCoverEragrostis spectabilis0.005
e093D1991112508/27/1991AbsoluteCoverEuthamia graminifolia0.0025
e093D1991112508/27/1991AbsoluteCoverHelianthus pauciflorus0.0375
e093D1991112508/27/1991AbsoluteCoverNon-plant Bare ground0.2625
e093D1991112508/27/1991AbsoluteCoverNon-plant Miscellaneous litter0.0325
e093D1991112508/27/1991AbsoluteCoverPanicum capillare0.00625

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Soil Heterogeneity and Plant Diversity in an Oak Savanna: Plant species percent cover data

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