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Successional Dynamics on a Resampled Chronosequence - Experiment 014

Soil organic matter

Years Available: 1983

Principle Investigators

Knops, Johannes
Tilman, David

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1Experiment numberExperiment number
2Old field designatorOld Field Identifier
4QuadratQuadrat Identifier
5Lower depth of soil core (cm)Lower depth of soil core (cm)centimeter
6Top depth of soil core (cm)Top depth of soil core (cm)centimeter
7Sampling dateSampling date
8Percent organic matterPercent organic matter in soildimensionless
9CultivatedHistoricalCultivated Year
10LastCropLast Crop Type grown
11Area_haArea in Hectareshectares


Experiment numberOld field designatorTransectQuadratLower depth of soil core (cm)Top depth of soil core (cm)Sampling datePercent organic matterCultivatedHistoricalLastCropArea_ha
144Y110208307251.281971rye 3.7
144W1058307250.991971rye 3.7
144W15108307250.851971rye 3.7
144W110208307250.861971rye 3.7
144W120408307250.511971rye 3.7
144W140608307250.431971rye 3.7
144W50108307251.011971rye 3.7
144W100108307250.91971rye 3.7
144W150108307251.131971rye 3.7
144W200108307251.431971rye 3.7
144W25058307251.31971rye 3.7
144W255108307251.151971rye 3.7

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Successional Dynamics on a Resampled Chronosequence: Soil organic matter

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