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The Small Biodiversity Experiment - Experiment 123

Litter carbon and nitrogen

Years Available: 1998

Principle Investigators

Tilman, David
Wedin, David
Reich, Peter
Knops, Johannes

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1Year placedYear litter bag placed in plots
2Year collectedYear litter bags collected from plots
3CodeCode for litter type - placementA=Species richness litter in Schiz common garden, B=Uniform Schiz litter in species richness, C=Species richness litter in situ, D=Uniform Schiz litter control, E=Uniform Schiz litter in Schiz common garden
5DescripDescription of litter bags and placement
6Archive NumberCedar Creek Archive Number for sample
7Percent total NitrogenPercent total Nitrogen (%)dimensionless
8Percent total CarbonPercent total Carbon (%)dimensionless
9Carbon to NitrogenCarbon / Nitrogen ratio (%)dimensionless


Year placedYear collectedCodePlotDescripArchive NumberPercent total NitrogenPercent total CarbonCarbon to NitrogenNote
19971998A1Plot 1 biomass in Schiz field280272.44423846.1674718.88829
19971998A10Plot 10 biomass in Schiz field280361.11399145.3388540.69948
19971998A100Plot 100 biomass in Schiz field281262.10074448.2417522.96413
19971998A101Plot 101 biomass in Schiz field281272.74539543.668315.90602
19971998A102Plot 102 biomass in Schiz field281282.22403647.1218421.18753
19971998A103Plot 103 biomass in Schiz field281291.12910246.1695940.89054
19971998A104Plot 104 biomass in Schiz field281302.1804644.3953920.36056
19971998A105Plot 105 biomass in Schiz field281312.07678444.1500221.25884
19971998A106Plot 106 biomass in Schiz field281321.92492246.6109724.21447
19971998A107Plot 107 biomass in Schiz field281331.73282345.2419626.10882
19971998A108Plot 108 biomass in Schiz field281341.42639244.7240431.35466
19971998A109Plot 109 biomass in Schiz field281352.60263648.361318.58166

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The Small Biodiversity Experiment: Litter carbon and nitrogen

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