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Herbivory by Nitrogen Interactive Effects on Community and Ecosystem Processes and Dynamics - Experiment 172

Plant aboveground biomass carbon and nitrogen

Years Available: 2009

Principle Investigators

Tilman, David

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1ExperimentCDR experiment number
2DateDate of collection
3PlotPlot number
4FieldField number/letter
5StripStrip Number
6NtrtNitrogen treatment1= 0.0 g/m20 ml, 2= 1.5 g/m225 ml, 3= 3.0 g/m250 ml, 4= 5.0 g/m290 ml, 5= 8.0 g/m2140 ml, 6= 14.0 g/m2250 ml, 7= 25.0 g/m2445 ml, 8= 40.0 g/m2710 ml, 9= 0.0 g/m20 ml
7NaddNitrogen Added to PlotgramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
8NitrAddAmount of fertilizer added to the plotgramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
9NAtm+NAddNitrogen addition plus Nitrogen from the atmospheregramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
10FencedFenced or not fenced0=Not Fenced, 1= Fenced
11SpeciesSpecies Name
12% CarbonPercent Carbon of sampledimensionless
13% NitrogenPercent Nitrogen of sampledimensionless


ExperimentDatePlotFieldStripNTrtNAddNitrAddNAtm+NAddFencedSpecies% Carbon% Nitrogen
12009-06-012C132.0463.041Agropyron repens45.6701.195
12009-06-012C132.0463.041Agropyron repens45.1402.127
12009-06-012C132.0463.041Artemisia ludoviciana43.8192.414
12009-06-012C132.0463.041Aster azureus41.9623.008
12009-06-012C132.0463.041Euphorbia corolatta45.8342.394
12009-06-012C132.0463.041Poa pratensis44.5441.935
12009-06-012C132.0463.041Rubus sp.47.8891.390
12009-06-012C232.0463.041Rubus sp.46.8371.444
12009-06-014C121.0232.020Schizachyrium scoparium46.2942.143
12009-06-014C121.0232.020Sorghastrum nutans45.2591.289
12009-06-014C121.0232.020Sorghastrum nutans45.4352.739
12009-06-016C155.44166.441Agropyron repens45.7852.830

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Herbivory by Nitrogen Interactive Effects on Community and Ecosystem Processes and Dynamics: Plant aboveground biomass carbon and nitrogen

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