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Long-Term Nitrogen Deposition During Grassland Succession - Experiment 002

Small mammal abundance

Years Available: 1982 - 1985

Principle Investigators

Tilman, David

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1Sampling dateSampling date
2Field number/letterField ID
3Experiment numberExperiment number
4Plot numberPlot
5TreatmentPlot nitrogen treatmentA=0.0 g/m2/year, B=3g/m2/year, C=6 g/m2/year, D=10 g/m2/year, E=16 g/m2/year, F=28 g/m2/year, G=50 g/m2/year, H=80g/m2/year, I=0.0 g/m2/year and no micronutrients
6Species NameSpecies
7Sex codeSex of mammal1=Male, 2=Female
8Total length (mm)Total length (mm)millimeter
9Tail length (mm)Tail length (mm) of sampled mammalmillimeter
10Right hindfoot length (mm)Right hindfoot length (mm) sampled mammalmillimeter
11Right ear length (mm)Right ear length (mm) sampled mammalmillimeter
12Species Biomass (g)Biomass Weight in gramsgram
13Age Age category of mammal1=juvenile, 2=adult
14Reproductive conditionReproductive condition 1=juvenile, 2=scrotal, 3=pregnant, 4=lactating, 5=adult but not 2-4


Sampling dateField number/letterExperiment numberPlot numberTreatmentSpecies NameSex code Total length (mm)Tail length (mm)Right hindfoot length (mm)Right ear length (mm)Species Biomass (g)AgeReproductive condition
820917C224CPEROMYSCUS LEUCOPUS112558191312
820917C229BZAPUS HUDSONIUS2210134291117
820917C232IPEROMYSCUS LEUCOPUS2138601911162
820919A28DPEROMYSCUS LEUCOPUS212650171315
820919A231HZAPUS HUDSONIUS220812327102325
820919A238BZAPUS HUDSONIUS2223131311027.5
820919A247CPEROMYSCUS LEUCOPUS21657521152825
820919A241CMICROTUS PENNSYLVANICUS11633918124522

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Long-Term Nitrogen Deposition During Grassland Succession: Small mammal abundance

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