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Trophic Structure: Insect Species Diversity, Abundance and Body Size - Experiment 122

Abundance and Body size of Insects Collected

Years Available: 1992

Principle Investigators

Haarstad, John
Siemann, Evan
Tilman, David

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1ExpExperiment number
3OrderBiological Classification: Order
4FamilyBiological Classification: Family
6AdultTrophic mode of adult life stagedimensionless
7LarvaeTrophic mode of larval life stagedimensionless
8AbundTotal abundance over season, using all fields and sampling methodsdimensionless
9LengthAverage length (mm) from frons to extreme part of abdominal sternitemillimeter
10WidthAverage maximum width (mm) of body or head along frontal planemillimeter
11ThickAverage maximum thickness (mm) of body or head along sagittal planemillimeter
12ProductAverage product (mm3) of length, width and thicknessmillimeterCubed


1221992Coleoptera Alleculidae Hymenorus sp 2936.9842.9161.836.849
1221992Coleoptera Anobiidae Anobiid 9922.071.531.083.4204
1221992Coleoptera Anthicidae Anthicus sp 29272.70.90.6121.4959
1221992Coleoptera Anthicidae Notoxus anchora 29443.4741.170.9363.8093
1221992Coleoptera Anthicidae Notoxus bifasciata? 291213.4021.0980.8643.2338
1221992Coleoptera Anthribidae Anthribid 59301.8540.90.8821.474
1221992Coleoptera Brentidae Arrhenodes minutus 3319.7852.0251.57530.645
1221992Coleoptera Bruchidae Bruchid 5571.891.0260.8641.6794
1221992Coleoptera Buprestidae Achmaeodera pulchella 2318.21252.9932.40859.545
1221992Coleoptera Buprestidae Agrilus rubicola 93114.9681.3681.1528.2323
1221992Coleoptera Buprestidae Agrilus spp 9364.7521.3861.177.7553
1221992Coleoptera Buprestidae Buprestis sp 2314.771.980.999.3501

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Trophic Structure: Insect Species Diversity, Abundance and Body Size: Abundance and Body size of Insects Collected

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