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Effect of Burning Patterns on Vegetation in the Fish Lake Burn Compartments - Experiment 133

Herb Survey

Years Available: 1984 - 2015

Principle Investigators

Reich, Peter
Wedin, David
Hobbie, Sarah
Davis, Mark

Sampling: Plant biomass and productivity

Several methods have been employed to measure the various components of biomass and productivity on the permanent plots, in addition to the herb layer biomass estimates described above. We installed eight litter traps in each of 20 permanent plots to catch leaf, twig, and seed litter dropped from trees and shrubs. The litter traps are mounted on a pair of rebar posts at a height of about 70 cm, and are placed adjacent to sample points 8-11 and 14-17, the interior sample points in each plot. The traps are made of plastic wash basins, with a cross-sectional area of about 0.095 m2. Root cores were taken to a depth of 60 cm at each of the 8 sample points used for litter collection. A 5-cm diameter core was removed from the soil adjacent to the vegetation sample quadrat. The 60 cm core was divided into 3 sections, representing depth ranges of 0-15, 15-30, and 30-60 cm, and each section was placed in a labeled sample bag. Samples were washed over a 1-mm mesh screen to remove sand particles from roots. Roots were then dried and weighed. Increment cores were taken from a subset of trees in several of the plots for the purposes of estimating annual growth increment as a function of tree species and size.

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Environmental Data Initiative data package

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2ExperimentCedar Creek experiment
4PointPoint Identifier
5Latin namespecies name
6Cover classPercent cover evaluation of individual plants in sampled area1=1 percent, 2=2 to 5 percent, 3=6 to 25 percent, 4=26 to 50 percent, 5=51 to 75 percent, 6=76 to 100 percent
7NotesNotes on data
8TargetBurnFrequency(burns/year)Targeted (not actual) Burn Frequency treatment


YearExperimentPlotPointLatin nameCover ClassNotesTargetBurnFrequency(burns/year)
1984E13311Amphicarpa bracteata30.5
1984E13311Calamagrostis canadensis30.5
1984E13311Cyperus sp.40.5
1984E13311Galium boreale20.5
1984E13311Lychnis alba10.5
1984E13311Miscellaneous litter30.5
1984E13311Poa pratensis20.5
1984E13311Schizachyrium scoparium20.5
1984E13311Solidago missouriensis10.5
1984E13312Amphicarpa bracteata30.5
1984E13312Aster azureus10.5

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Effect of Burning Patterns on Vegetation in the Fish Lake Burn Compartments: Herb Survey

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