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Effects of Deer on Growth and Establishment of Woody Vegetation in Old Fields - Experiment 007

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Years Available: 1991

Principle Investigators

Inouye, Richard
Allison, Taber

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1Field number/letterField number/letter
2Experiment numberExperiment number
3Plot numberPlot number
4Section numberSection number
5Fence treatmentFence treatment0=Not Fenced, 1= Fenced
6Nitrogen TreatmentNitrogen Treatment
7Old tag numberOld tag number
8New tag numberNew tag number
9Left distance from stake (cm)Left distance from stake (cm)centimeter
10Right distance from stake (cm)Right distance from stake (cm)centimeter
11Tag date (YYMMDD)Tag date (YYMMDD)
12Spring 1983 height (cm)Spring 1983 height (cm)centimeter
13Spring 1983 browsing conditionSpring 1983 browsing condition
14Fall 1983 height (cm)Fall 1983 height (cm)centimeter
15Spring 1984 height (cm)Spring 1984 height (cm)centimeter
16Spring 1984 browsing conditionSpring 1984 browsing condition
17Fall 1984 height (cm)Fall 1984 height (cm)centimeter
18Spring 1985 height (cm)Spring 1985 height (cm)centimeter
19Spring 1985 browsing conditionSpring 1985 browsing condition
20Fall 1985 height (cm)Fall 1985 height (cm)centimeter
21Spring 1986 height (cm)Spring 1986 height (cm)centimeter
22Spring 1986 browsing conditionSpring 1986 browsing condition
23Fall 1986 height (cm)Fall 1986 height (cm)centimeter
24Spring 1987 height (cm)Spring 1987 height (cm)centimeter
25Spring 1987 browsing conditionSpring 1987 browsing condition
26Fall 1987 height (cm)Fall 1987 height (cm)centimeter
27Spring 1988 height (cm)Spring 1988 height (cm)centimeter
28Spring 1988 browsing conditionSpring 1988 browsing condition
29Spring 1989 height (cm)Spring 1989 height (cm)centimeter
30Spring 1989 browsing conditionSpring 1989 browsing condition
31Spring 1991 height (cm)Spring 1991 height (cm)centimeter
32Spring 1991 browsing conditionSpring 1991 browsing condition


Field number/letterExperiment numberPlot numberSection numberFence treatmentNitrogen TreatmentOld tag numberNew tag numberSpecies Taxon codeLeft distance from stake (cm)Right distance from stake (cm)Tag date (YYMMDD)Spring 1983 height (cm)Spring 1983 browsing conditionFall 1983 height (cm)Spring 1984 height (cm)Spring 1984 browsing conditionFall 1984 height (cm)Spring 1985 height (cm)Spring 1985 browsing conditionFall 1985 height (cm)Spring 1986 height (cm) Spring 1986 browsing conditionFall 1986 height (cm) Spring 1987 height (cm) Spring 1987 browsing condition Fall 1987 height (cm) Spring 1988 height (cm) Spring 1988 browsing conditionSpring 1989 height (cm) Spring 1989 browsing condition Spring 1991 height (cm) Spring 1991 browsing condition

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Effects of Deer on Growth and Establishment of Woody Vegetation in Old Fields : Deer browse

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