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Assessing the use of bison for savanna restoration at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve - Experiment 321

Aboveground Biomass

Years Available: 2018

Principle Investigators

Isbell, Forest
Tilman, David
Barale Potter, Caitlin

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1plotplot the sample was taken from
2plot_pairplot pair the plot is within
3speciesplant species or group
4massdried mass of the samplegram
5mass_stnddried mass of the sample per areagramsPerSquareMeter
6yearyear the sample was taken in
7burn_unitburn unit the plot is within
8grazedCan the plot be grazed by bison
9bison_fenceIs the plot within the bison enclosure


11Woody debris80.64201.62018309nono
11Rhamnus frangula0.130.3252018309nono
11Corylus americanus0.691.7252018309nono
11acer saccharum0.791.9752018309nono
11Amphicarpa bracteata0.962.42018309nono
11Rhus radicans2.656.6252018309nono
11Miscellaneous woody plants1.453.6252018309nono
11Miscellaneous litter377.39943.4752018309nono
11Carex sp.3.929.82018309nono
11Cyperus sp.0.0110.02752018309nono
11Quercus sp.0.541.352018309nono
11Miscellaneous herbs0.0060.0152018309nono

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Assessing the use of bison for savanna restoration at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve: Aboveground Biomass

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