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FAB 1 : Forests and Biodiversity Experiment - High density diversity experiment - Experiment 271

FAB Leaf Herbivory

Years Available: 2014 - 2016

Principle Investigators

Grossman, Jacob
Cavender-Bares, Jeannine

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1ExperimentCedar Creek experiment designator
2PlotPlot in which focal tree is located
3YearYear in which survey was conducted
4DateDate on which measurement was taken
5RowPosition of the seedling in the plot row
6ColumnPosition of the seedling in the plot column
7Species CodeFirst 2 letters of latin genus then first 2 letters of species
8SpeciesSpecies name
9LeafOrdinal position of leaf
10AreaEstimated area in cm2 of the entire, pre-herbivory leaf, rounded to the nearest 0.5 cm2squareCentimeters
11RemovedEstimated area in cm2 of the leaf removed by herbivores, rounded to the nearest 0.5 cm2squareCentimeters
12PercentageRemoved divided by Area to three decimal places, always between 0 and 1dimensionless
13Gall CountNumber of galls visible on the leafdimensionless
14Galls Not Countedx indicates no gall count was made
15Miner CountNumber of leaf miner trails and or cysts visible on the leafdimensionless
16Miner Not CountedNumber of leaf miner trails and or cysts visible on the leaf
17SpotsQualitative class assessment of red maple spots0=no spots, 1=small or few spots, 2=a few larger spots, 3=many spots, 4=continuous spotty cover, 5=leaf appears crumpled, deformed by spots
18Spots Not Countedx indicates no count was made


ExperimentPlotYearDateRowColumnSpecies CodeSpeciesLeafAreaRemovedPercentageGall CountGalls Not CountedMiner CountMiner Not CountedSpots Spots Not Counted
e27114201408/05/20141CACNEAcer negundo129.00.00.000xxx
e27114201408/05/20141CACNEAcer negundo228.00.00.000xxx
e27114201408/05/20141CACNEAcer negundo361.00.10.002xxx
e27114201408/05/20141CACNEAcer negundo449.00.10.002xxx
e27114201408/05/20141CACNEAcer negundo552.05.00.096xxx
e27114201408/05/20145BACNEAcer negundo129.01.00.034xxx
e27114201408/05/20145BACNEAcer negundo231.02.00.065xxx
e27114201408/05/20145BACNEAcer negundo314.03.00.214xxx
e27114201408/05/20145BACNEAcer negundo424.04.00.167xxx
e27114201408/05/20145BACNEAcer negundo527.04.00.148xxx
e27114201408/05/20145CACNEAcer negundo115.00.00.000xxx
e27114201408/05/20145CACNEAcer negundo243.00.10.002xxx

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FAB 1 : Forests and Biodiversity Experiment - High density diversity experiment: FAB Leaf Herbivory

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