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Biodiversity II: Effects of Plant Biodiversity on Population and Ecosystem Processes - Experiment 120

Fire Severity

Years Available: 2011 - 2014

Principle Investigators

Wragg, Peter

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1BurnYearYear in which burn damage was assessed, after a spring burn in this year
2SpeciesThe species of the tagged plant
3PlotPlot number in E120
4plantCodeUnique identifier for the plant
5stemCodeUnique identifier for the stem
6BurnScoreVisually assigned fire damage score, after spring burn0=unburned, 1=scorched (darkened), 2=severely damaged (black or stem fallen), 3=consumed
7stemHeightPreBurnCmStem height before burncentimeter
8stemDiameterPreBurnMmStem diameter before burnmillimeter
9PreBurnStemsNumber of stems before burndimensionless
10SpNum Number of species planted in plot including seed contaminent and replacement for species belived to have bad seeddimensionless
11NumSp Number of species planted in plot as specified by treatmentdimensionless
12biomassHerbaceousPrevWeight of biomass clipped late the previous summer (the year before BurnYear)gramsPerMeterSquared
13biomassGrassProportionPrevThe fraction of biomass clipped late the previous summer that was grasses (versus forbs)dimensionless


2011Quercus macrocarpa2929-H-NE29-H-NE-115.81.41190.680.05
2011Quercus macrocarpa2929-C-NE29-C-NE-115.81.41190.680.05
2011Quercus macrocarpa2929-C-NW29-C-NW-116.21.61190.680.05
2011Quercus macrocarpa2929-C-NW29-C-NW-212.71.21190.680.05
2011Quercus macrocarpa2929-C-SW29-C-SW-114.41.81190.680.05
2011Quercus macrocarpa2929-H-NW29-H-NW-118.41.81190.680.05
2011Quercus macrocarpa2929-H-SE29-H-SE-114.81.41190.680.05
2011Quercus macrocarpa2929-H-SW29-H-SW-1151.51190.680.05
2011Quercus macrocarpa2929-L-NE29-L-NE-115.21.41190.680.05
2011Quercus macrocarpa2929-L-NW29-L-NW-1141.61190.680.05
2011Quercus macrocarpa2929-L-SE29-L-SE-117.91.81190.680.05
2011Quercus macrocarpa2929-L-SW29-L-SW-1191.51190.680.05

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Biodiversity II: Effects of Plant Biodiversity on Population and Ecosystem Processes : Fire Severity

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