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FAB 2 - DIV: Forests and Biodiversity Experiment - Low density diversity experiment - Experiment 291

Sapling Census

Years Available: 2016-2017 (2 years)

Principle Investigators

Cavender-Bares, Jeannine
Montgomery, Rebecca
Hobbie, Sarah
Reich, Peter

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1Survey YearSurvey Year
2Year PlantedYear seedling was planted
4SPCODEFirst 2 letters of latin genus then first 2 letters of species
5Species RichnessNumber of species planted in the blocknumber
7Plot NoPlot number
8IDUnique identifier for each seedling. If from maternal line, begins with species code then maternal line number followed by tree number from line. If not from maternal line, begins with species code then year planted then position id.
9RowPosition of seedling in the row
10ColumnPosition of seedling in the column
11Position IDUnique position number of whole site
12Survey Start DateSurvey Start Date
13Survey End DateSurvey End Date
14Height.cmHeight of seedlingcentimeter
15Diameter.mmBasal diameter of seedlingmillimeter
16DeadObserved status of seedlingx=observed as dead, blank=not observed as dead
17DBH.mmStem diameter at 1.37 metersmillimeter
18Notes Notes taken by the survey crew


Survey YearYear PlantedSpeciesSPCODESpecies RichnessBlockPlot NoIDRowColumnPosition IDSurvey Start DateSurvey End DateHeight.cmDiameter.mmDeadDBH.mmNotes
20162016Quercus albaQUAL411QUAL11109/19/201609/23/201638.50.5
20162016Quercus rubraQURU411QURU-22912209/19/201609/23/201629.50.6
20162016Pinus strobusPIST411PIST13309/19/201609/23/2016341.15
20162016Quercus albaQUAL411QUAL14409/19/201609/23/2016430.55
20162016Quercus macrocarpaQUMA411QUMA-10515509/19/201609/23/201624.50.5
20162016Quercus rubraQURU411QURU-23316609/19/201609/23/2016280.5
20162016Quercus rubraQURU411QURU-21117709/19/201609/23/201623.50.4
20162016Quercus rubraQURU411QURU-23018809/19/201609/23/2016250.35
20162016Quercus rubraQURU411QURU-23119909/19/201609/23/2016300.5
20162016Quercus rubraQURU411QURU-2041101009/19/201609/23/2016310.6
20162016Quercus albaQUAL411QUAL211109/19/201609/23/2016571
20162016Quercus rubraQURU411QURU-234221209/19/201609/23/2016260.65

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FAB 2 - DIV: Forests and Biodiversity Experiment - Low density diversity experiment: Sapling Census

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