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Natural Enemies, Plant Diversity and Plant Community Composition - Experiment 244

Greenhouse test of pesticide effects on plant growth

Years Available: 2015

Principle Investigators

Kinkel, Linda
Borer, Elizabeth
Seabloom, Eric

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1Plant IDUnique plant identifier
3Functional GroupFunctional Group of plant
4TreatmentPesticide or control treatment applied
5HeightHeight of plant at harvest (cm)centimeter
6Shoot BiomassShoot Biomass at harvestgram
7Root BiomassRoot Biomass at harvestgram


Plant IDSpeciesFunctional GroupTreatmentHeightShoot BiomassRoot Biomass
1Andropogon gerardiiC4Foliar fungicide30.20.270.65
2Andropogon gerardiiC4Foliar fungicide270.481.17
3Andropogon gerardiiC4Foliar fungicide531.081.58
4Andropogon gerardiiC4Foliar fungicide571.21.86
5Andropogon gerardiiC4Foliar fungicide22.60.260.34
6Andropogon gerardiiC4Foliar fungicide43.60.771.79
7Andropogon gerardiiC4Foliar fungicide31.50.591.13
8Andropogon gerardiiC4Foliar fungicide31.50.511.62
9Andropogon gerardiiC4Foliar fungicide70.51.491.24
10Andropogon gerardiiC4Foliar fungicide300.661.46
11Schizichyrium scopariumC4Foliar fungicide30.80.620.59
12Schizichyrium scopariumC4Foliar fungicide520.940.31

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Natural Enemies, Plant Diversity and Plant Community Composition: Greenhouse test of pesticide effects on plant growth

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