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Nutrient Network. A cross-site investigation of bottom-up control over herbaceous plant community dynamics and ecosystem function. - Experiment 247

Soil nutrient analysis

Years Available: 2012

Principle Investigators

Seabloom, Eric
Harpole, Stan
Borer, Elizabeth

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1yearYear soil was sampled
2site_nameExpanded Nutrient Network site name
3site_codeNutrient Network site Creek USA
4first_nutrient_yearFirst sampling year after treatments imposed
5after_n_treatment_yrsNumber of years following first treatment. indicative of how many treatments had been applied (one per year)number
6blockBlock numbernumber
7plotPlot numbernumber
8TreatmentApplied treatment combinationControl=no treatment, K=potassium, P=phosphate, N=nitrogen, PK=phosphate potassium, NK=nitrogen potassium, NP=nitrogen phosphate, NPK=nitrogen phosphate potassium, Fence=Fence, NPK Fence=nitrogen phosphate potassium fence
9NNitrogen treatment 1=Nitrogen applied as timed-release urea [NH2)2CO2], 0=no N applied
10PPhosphate treatment1=10 gramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear as triple-super phosphate [Ca(H2PO4)2], 0=no P applied
11KPotassium AND initial micronutrient treatment1=10 gramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear as potassium sulfate [K2SO4] AND one-time application in treatment year 1 of 100 gramsPerMeterSquared of a micronutrient mix of Fe (15%) S (14%) Mg (1.5%) Mn (2.5%) Cu (1%) Zn (1%) B (0.2%) and Mo (0.05%), 0=no K or micronutrients applied
12ExcloseFence enclosure treatment1=plot surrounded by 230-cm-tall fence with the lower 90 cm surrounded by 1-cm woven wire mesh (hardware cloth) with a 30-cm outward-facing flange, 0=no enclosure
13Nitrogen added to plotAmount of nitrogen from fertilizer added to the plot gramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
14pct_Csoil % Carbon by massdimensionless
15pct_Nsoil % Nitrogen by massdimensionless
16ppm_Psoil phosphorus by mass (ppm)dimensionless
17ppm_Ksoil potassium by mass (ppm)dimensionless
18ppm_Casoil calcium by mass (ppm)dimensionless
19ppm_Mgsoil magnesium by mass (ppm)dimensionless
20ppm_Ssoil sulfur by mass (ppm)dimensionless
21ppm_Nasoil sodium by mass (ppm)dimensionless
22ppm_Znsoil zinc by mass (ppm)dimensionless
23ppm_Mnsoil manganese by mass (ppm)dimensionless
24ppm_Fesoil iron by mass (ppm)dimensionless
25ppm_Cusoil copper by mass (ppm)dimensionless
26ppm_Bsoil boron by mass (ppm)dimensionless
27OrganicMattersoil percent organic matterdimensionless
28pHsoil pH as determined by water pH meter with soil in 1:1 soil:water suspensiondimensionless


yearsite_namesite_codefirst_nutrient_yearafter_n_treatment_yrsblockplotTreatmentNPKExcloseNitrogen added to plotpct_Cpct_Nppm_Pppm_Kppm_Cappm_Mgppm_Sppm_Nappm_Znppm_Mnppm_Feppm_Cuppm_BOrganicMatterpH
2012Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us2008511NPK+Fence1111101.0890.069300284670109192822.31685662.
2012Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us2008512NP1100100.6650.046183144538103172834.117665410.31.76.1
2012Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us2008513NPK1110101.5040.096233301711128113032.61784977.
2012Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us2008514K001000.6890.0484822736268161910.1993336.
2012Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us2008516PK011001.9640.1182732767551091220171213332.
2012Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us2008517N1000101.0050.0764912443076111814.31024001.
2012Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us2008518P010001.1330.0973039767377142329.4993921.
2012Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us20085110Fence000100.7720.06601134829192121733061.20.21.66
2012Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us20085111Control000000.9380.0686012650495112613.91074171.10.21.96
2012Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us20085112NK1010102.2070.15997444568111162827.61573967.50.245.6
2012Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us20085213Control000000.7310.055471294699815217973451.20.21.76
2012Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us20085214NK1010102.4880.18385374710126152322.414839011.70.345.6

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Nutrient Network. A cross-site investigation of bottom-up control over herbaceous plant community dynamics and ecosystem function.: Soil nutrient analysis

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