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Soil Heterogeneity and Plant Diversity in an Oak Savanna - Experiment 093

1992 Seed addition sections and species

Years Available: 1992

Principle Investigators

Tilman, David

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1Experiment number Cedar Creek experiment identifier
2FieldCedar Creek field identifier
3Planting dateDate seed were planted
4Plot number Plot number
5Section number Section number within plot
6Treatment Seed planting treatment
7Number of species Number of species seeded into plot section
8Life Form Life cycle of seed plantedA=Annual, B=Biennial, P=Perennial
9Functional groupFunctional group of seed plantedF=Forb, G=Grass, L=Legume, W=Woody
10Species name Species name


Experiment number FieldPlanting datePlot number Section number Treatment Number of species Life Form Functional groupSpecies name
93D9206061125PFAnemone cylindrica
93D9206061125PFCoreopsis palmata
93D9206061125AGSetaria lutescens (glauca)
93D9206061125PFSolidago nemoralis
93D9206061125PFVerbena stricta
93D92060613520PFAllium stellatum
93D92060613520PGAndropogon gerardi
93D92060613520PFAster azureus
93D92060613520PLAstragalus canadensis
93D92060613520PFCoreopsis palmata
93D92060613520PFDelphinium virescens
93D92060613520PFGentiana andrewsii

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Soil Heterogeneity and Plant Diversity in an Oak Savanna: 1992 Seed addition sections and species

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