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FAB 1 : Forests and Biodiversity Experiment - High density diversity experiment - Experiment 271

Initial soil pH

Years Available: 2013

Principle Investigators

Cavender-Bares, Jeannine
Hobbie, Sarah
Montgomery, Rebecca
Reich, Peter
Seabloom, Eric
Tilman, David

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1Date SampledThe date samples were aquired
2pH test dateThe date pH was tested on samples
3Plot#The plot soil samples were collected from
4NoteDuplicate samples are indicated by "dup"
5Sample DepthThe soil depth range that samples were taken (cm)
6pH readingThe pH measurement of the soildimensionless


Date SampledpH test datePlot#NoteSample DepthpH Reading
08/19/1311/12/1310-15 cm6.5
08/19/1311/12/1320-15 cm6.19
08/19/1311/12/1330-15 cm6.12
08/19/1311/12/1340-15 cm6.09
08/19/1311/12/1350-15 cm6.23
08/19/1311/12/1360-15 cm6.03
08/19/1311/12/1370-15 cm6.25
08/21/1311/12/13715-30 cm5.84
11/22/1311/12/137dup15-30 cm5.91
11/22/1311/12/13730-60 cm 6.02
08/19/1311/12/1380-15 cm6.53
11/22/1311/12/13815-30 cm6.01

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FAB 1 : Forests and Biodiversity Experiment - High density diversity experiment: Initial soil pH

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