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BioCON : Biodiversity, Elevated CO2, and N Enrichment - Experiment 141

Leaf delta 13C and total C from 9 species water treatment plots

Years Available: 2008 - 2010

Principle Investigators

Lee, Tali
Lee, Tali
Reich, Peter

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1YearYear (YYYY)
2MonthMonth (MM)
3DayDay (DD)
7CountOfSpeciesCount of species planted in plotnumber
8CO2 treatmentCO2 treatmentCenriched = 564ppm, Camb = ambient Carbon
9Nitrogen treatmentNitrogen treatment Nenrich= 4g NH4NO3 per MeterSquared per year, Namb = Ambient Nitrogen
10Water Treatment Water treatment H2Oneg=rain removal treament via portable rain shelters, H2Oamb=natural rain fall
11Sample mass (mg)Mass of the samplemilligram
12delta 13CRelative deviation of R from standard (per mil)dimensionless
13Carbon Amount (ug)Total amount of carbon in the sampledimensionless


YearMonthDayspeciesRingPlotCountOfSpeciesCO2 treatmentNitrogen treatmentWater Treatment Sample mass (mg)delta 13CCarbon Amount (ug)
20080820Lespedeza capitata21199CambNambH2Oamb3.51-26.881716.82
20080820Lespedeza capitata42339CambNambH2Oamb3.662-27.551851.65
20080820Lespedeza capitata63209CambNambH2Oamb3.833-26.661891.41
20080820Lespedeza capitata42439CambNambH2Oneg3.939-27.571859.6
20080820Lespedeza capitata63089CambNambH2Oneg3.71-25.91772.27
20080820Lespedeza capitata63569CambNambH2Oneg3.939-28.161851.65
20080820Lespedeza capitata1489CenrichNambH2Oamb3.884-38.141835.76
20080820Lespedeza capitata31289CenrichNambH2Oamb3.89-36.911819.88
20080820Lespedeza capitata52999CenrichNambH2Oamb3.967-38.971859.6
20080820Lespedeza capitata31319CenrichNambH2Oneg3.805-39.461796.07
20080820Lespedeza capitata31779CenrichNambH2Oneg3.755-36.651796.07
20080820Lespedeza capitata52649CenrichNambH2Oneg3.656-39.091724.74

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BioCON : Biodiversity, Elevated CO2, and N Enrichment : Leaf delta 13C and total C from 9 species water treatment plots

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